car starts but wont move ... wat is this part called ( pic included )

hi i just want to know what this thing is itz pointed out in the picture … its that black thing right after the circled tube … the car wont move any more the car is on and the engine is on and everything … but when i shift the car doesn’t move at all … please tell me wat its called and where i can find one thanks
the original one is broken the stupid guy that swaped my engine just taped it togeather

thats a dashpot check valve, but that won’t keep you from moving. Many people on here take it off. Can you put the car into gear at all (engine running or not)?. Either way, starting point should be shift linkage/transmission.

yes i can put it into gear like i can put it into drive and reverse and nutral … but the problem is that that valve was broken i wanted 2 put better duck tape … but i ran out lol … and everytime i can’t move i just go play with the duck tape retabe it with the told duck tape… and the car would move… ???

like SERIOUS vaccum leak? lol. never heard of that one. i dont have mine on there at all and it MOVES just take the hose off and run a new peice of hose from the intake to there. thats the way mine is and it runs just perfect.

o okayy ill try that… lol as soon as i find a lock smith … i forgot ma keyz inside after i locked the doorzz ahhahaha

no man nothing… it didn’t move… but i kept trying it moved for a little than it stoped… and one other time it kinda moved like half a meter … i’m not sure watz wrong… but i checked the transmission fluid dipstick… and it shows empty… could that be it ??? i’m not sure … also how do u bleed the power steering system because theres air in there … thanks

ahahaha. ww. no tranny fluid huh? theres a good GOOD chance thats ur problem. ur 2000 dollar tranny is prolly fucked now. throw some atf in that beast and pray it moves. u couldve just FUCKED ur tranny. if ts an auto lmk if u need another. i may have one. lol. as for the power steering idk right off hand.

lol ahahha i noe i was just readdiing bout that and someone said that it could be that the transmission is gone lol … but i’ma throw sum fluid 2 moro and hope for the best … man this is fucking scaryy lol … but if it is fucked i’m just swaping a manual in … hehhe ne wayzzz thankss

also where do i place the transmission fluid… just in the dipp stick lol ???
thanks for the help

on the left side of the block between the battery and motor there should be a dipstick with a yellow andle. or at least mines yellow. pull it out insert long funnel remove cap from tranny fluid* << thats important. and 1 quart at a time… a quart is a whole bottle fo atf. check it and keep doing it until the fluid shows up between the two hash mark ( grooves or holes) and then please sell ur car… buy a ford. lol. no disrespect man but u shouldnt TOUCH that DA until u know what u REALLY have. work ur way up to it. start with a pinto or geo…

oo thanks man… lol

heyy buddyy just a quick question… u see when i was working on the car i was working on the power steering pump … so when i started it that stuff would spill all over… and maybe the transmission oil was spilling too but i didn’t realize it nd thought it was just p/s fluid… so could it be possiable that the car ran unitll therez no more fluid than it can’t run … or that i fucked up ma transmission… i barley move the car like 3 meters max … but i ran the car for like less than a min every time …


DONT MOVE IT AT ALL!!! not until u get tranny fluid. i would tell u to check everything out but ud prolly get confused. lol. not trying to be a dick bro but i think u really need to reconsider ur car choice. until u can change ur oil i dont feel u are worthy of the DA. but u need to put fluid back in the tranny and ps resevoir… fyi atf can be used for ps fluid. start it DONT MOVE IT!!! DONT EVEN TAKE IT OUT OF PARK!! start it sit back and try to find out where the fluid is coming from… and for everyones sake try and get some pics. id like to be able to help but im well over 500 miles away and its kinda hard to diagnose things over the internet.

ahahhahah lol thanks broo … i noe how 2 change the oil thank god :smiley: hehehe see this all started after i removed the air conditioning unit… im going to canadian tier now and i’ma buy me sum atf … but which kind should i get ???

oo and i stopped the leak it was coming from the bolt that bolts on top of the transmission with the tube inside of it that goes to the radiator … lol… and i think thatz where the transmission fluid was being lost… nd i confuzed it with the power steering stuff…

thanks again

I’ve heard of some cars using ATF for power steering fluid but I thought hondas can only use the honda power steering fluid.:shrug:

werd. NP. man. im still a little worried about u doing work on it. and as for the atf i use chevron its syntetic as well i believe… i also use it for powersteering fluid and i have NEVER had a problem with it after 3&1/2 years. hope all works out well man.

Your also supposed to have oil in the engine to so you should probably check that.

lmao bro… now ur just making fun of me

well hes got a good point. lol. and check the brake fluid cause once u get it moving u may want it to stop.