Carbon fiber hatch with a jdm spoiler

I am in the process of getting a carbon fiber hatch as well as lexan windows for the back three. Anyways i have an xsi wing and i was tempted to mount it to the hatch. Has anyone mounted a wing to a c/f hatch. If so do you have pics.

one of my team mates mounted a wing to his trunk. I wouldnt suggest it, but you can do it as long as you are careful.
not the same car or wing, but you get the picture

That looks like a c/f wing on a stock trunk. Do you know anybody that tried to mount a stock wing on a c/f hatch. The da spoilers are pretty dam light so i dont think it will be a problem just drilling to make it look like oem location is going to be the only problem i think

i would think you would have to reinforce the area where you bolt the spoiler on? :hmm: its not always a matter of weight but at speeds if the spoiler moves in the wind i wouls hope it wouldnt crack the trunk…best bet is reinforcement on the area where you bolt it on…just a thought

i agree any suggestions

why would you add the weight of a wing after getting a CF hatch and lexan window to lighten it?

C"mon on now have you ever lifted up a bare wing it weighs hardly anything. i just want to get rid of the majority of the weight which is the window and hatch.

hey guys, mounting a stock wing to the Cf hatch shouldnt be a problem, weight-wise, or anything like that. i bought a CF hatch from VIS two years ago, and it came with a nice stupid hole directly in the center, that they claimed was the mounting location for the center post of a stock wing.
so, lining it up on the hatch shouldnt be an issue, however, the entire hatch fits like complete shit. it does NOT line up on the sides or edges (the flat part). i can send pics to you guys. i am unaware that anyone else has had this problem (according to VIS). iam also unaware if there is another company producing this item, which i would be interested in.


Please send pics to me i was looking at the vis one.
Thanks for the info

vis already fixed teh hole in teh center, and if you have ever seen one in person, they fit descent. Seibon makes a hatch if you want to look into it.

sweet, thanks for the info. has anyone seen the seibon peice???pics??

please send pics to me I am looking into getting a Cf hatch right now

yes i would like to see pics, and a price. i got the pic from the thread above and ya the vis one doesnt look like it fits that good… infact it looks like complete ass and i would go to vis directly and complain. i mean its not even close

not sure if the fit issue is due to it being an early production piece, or what…when i called VIS they said no one else had reported any problems with it. i was kind of stuck with it because something that big is pricey to be shipping all over the country. after i sent them some pics of it on the car, they offered to credit me back 100 bucks, which is nice, but i still have a hatch that fits like poo.

LOL you dont understand ViS. In person, over the phone, or through Email, you are going to get the same answer from ViS. I have never known them to give refunds.

well if that was me and they didnt refund my money i would make them lick me where i need 3 mirrors to see.

They have a big head, they know how big they are. You complaining to them does nothing. You telling people nto to buy ViS does nothing. Doesnt even put a dent in their sales. And you could never get your money back unless you went to court. (they only accept cash)

The only problem i see with doing this, is that you could possibly crack your hatch. Other than that, i dont know how a painted spoiler would look on a carbon hatch. But that is for each person to decide. But as far as pictures go, its going to look the same from a CF hatch to a Normal Hatch, besides the colors.

nah, i know what you’re saying though. anything we say or do here or elsewhere will affect VIS at all. i just wanted to get this info out there for others to interperet as they wish. kind of a “fair warning” you could say. i am under the assumption that there are others out there who have the same hatch with no problems…good luck all.


Fender washers(big wide ones) will help reinforce the CF & prevent any stress cracks, or if you overtighten the mounting bolts.

Vis is lame IMO, I’ve heard nothing but bad experiences especially w/cust serv & a few probs w/CF hoods.