Central FL- My DB2 is Done n stuff for sale from it...

Well after having the kid and the car being stolen and recovered. I dont have the time nor money to rebuild her at the moment. Nor the space to keep her in the garage. So on that note im keeping all the black interior parts to swap into my jasper. So Available is the Rolling chassis pretty much. All the tan interior trim and seats from my Jasper.

DB2 Cluster.
Misc. Brake, ABS hardware.
Misc Power Steering compponents
Misc A/C components
Exhaust from muffler to cat
Exterior Trim Molding including Vtec moldings
Dash and all buttons, steering wheel
White 90-91 Front Bumper, Red 92-93 Front Bumper with factory Lip
50/50 Tails Good condition, Orange tails 2 sets but both sets driverside is cracked
White GSR Wing with light(Nuts are stripped)
94+ LS Valve Cover Painted Flat Black (High Temp)
Full Carpet, Needs steam cleaned and probably dye will make is nice!

Other parts are probably available and pictures are available upon request.
I will accept any reasonable offer and will ship parts depending on size.
Cash upon pick up or Paypal Verified only for shipped Items.
Thank You all for your Support!


Would like to see the the whole shell sell. Come on G2IC!

Body is in great shape minus the hood and rear valance between the bumper and hatch.
Stripped and ready for a cage :slight_smile:

Thanks R1

You willing to ship the muffler email me at kraz3one@gmail.com

Gimmie a zip n ill see what it cost.


text me 786 344 4713 im interested.

price for moldings an cluster to 06052 txt me 8602024982

also pics of the wing plz

ill get some updated pics in the morning and post them. DA ALL DAY are you interested in the whole chassis? LSJDMTEG you need all the exterior moldings or just the vtec ones?


ur way to far im in ct just wanta quote in shipping for cluster wing and moldings im paypal ready n i have good feedback lmk asap rather support a g2 member than a junkyard if u can send pics to my cell 8602024982

sucks to hear your getting rid of it.i remeber when you first got it.

Yea sucks but hey its life n i cant dwell on it just gota keep on truckin. Lsj ill get a price on the shipping n all for you. But for right now i have an offer on the full chassis itself the way it sits
Ill update in the morning


98439 can you txt pics to 2094063633

pics of the 92-93 bumper with lip?? fernand.austria @ yahoo.com
what condition is it in??

DASWAGG, The bumper is in great condition except one of the turn signals are broken. Cheap and easy fix.

DB2 Cluster

Stipped Interior- Just parts lying around everywhere n little dirty. Other than that its in great condition

Vtec Moldings are in perfect condition also have all 4 mudflaps with “Integra” on them

Wing is nice except i tried to salvage it for my self and even with some PB Blaster the nuts still broke on the driver side. Easy fix if your even just a little bit innovative

Tan Seats from my Jasper- Typicall Drivers side rip , some stains , Passenger and rear seats very nice just dirty.

Onekraz3, Which pics are you interested in? Most of the pic of the vehical itself can be found on most of my started threads. But any specific ones you want i need to know specifically.


pics of the fuse box area im very interested in picking the whole thing up

hey how much you looking to get for the db2 cluster?
text me 608-609-3994 my zip is 53703

so bumper has no cracks, broken tabs, or missing anything and the only thing wrg with it is the turn signal correct?? if so how much shipped to 28542??
also do you give military discounts?

I mentioned the exhaust earlier you ask for my zip I ask for pics :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=DASWAGG;2246781]so bumper has no cracks, broken tabs, or missing anything and the only thing wrg with it is the turn signal correct?? if so how much shipped to 28542??
also do you give military discounts?[/QUOTE]

lol hey it doesnt hurt to get a discount