Cheap Way To Remove Pink Lines on 90-91 Integra Lights

Here is another way to get rid of those ugly pinkish red lines on the 90-91 lights… I just did it to mine all you need is some bleach, a kettle to boil water.

Pop your lights off throw some bleach in the top one then put in the boiling water… swish it around for a minute, dump out and repeat a couple more times if you want.

I did mine 3 times like that and it took the pink lines right out and they look good now… Just something for you guys to think about that can’t seem to find that Castrol Super Clean or dont want to spend any money.

what about if mine were amber, can i do the same

I would think it could possibilly have the same effect since color is color and bleach takes away the color… but I cant say for sure man I’ve only done it on the 90-91 lights anyone else have any input on this?

alright…thanks dude

no it is not the same for 92-93 tail lights. the amber is an actual piece of orange plastic.

thanks for the tip i just did it to my 90 taillights it looks really nice :smiley:

no problem

Does it look exactly the same as the Castrol method or is one slightly different from the other? Someone who has seen/done both

yea i think so

i tried the bleach method and it ruined the inside of the lens…it looks like permanent fog in there. I thought it was condensation but it’s been there for 3 months now. i used other stuff i had around the house and it worked.

yeah i would be leary about bleach. That stuff is pretty bad. I was wondering if it would messs up the plastic.

mine have been done for a couple weeks and still look fine, how much bleach were u putting in compared to boiling water?

because i used maybe a 1/4 bottle if that and thats also doing each light 3 times

why doesnt this post get the credit it deserves?

what credit are you looking for? You found a different soulution to remove the pink out of the lines, just as some other guys did in my thread. Nothing new here.


how exactly do you get the tails off? im thinking theres bolts inside the trunk when you remove the covers.

yea once u pop off the back panel you will see 6 nuts u need to take off per light

actually it is already mentioned in the original post that u can use bleach, or other products with the water… but thats cool that you made a seperate thread on it

i tried it and it didnt work…maybe im doing something wrong? idk…but o well…might just pay for someone to clear mine…of course gettin an engine will be first :giggle:

got any pics?