Check Valves?

Anyone know where I can get some check valves for my turbo setup/map hack? I have looked at NAPA, Lowes, Home Depot, but I cant seem to find any. A place online to order them would be great. Thanks, Nick

Try a pet/fish store.


yep, just hit up the pet shop. its not worth it getting it online. local pets mart or any pet store, fish tank section…

ck vlv

how many ck valves are you guys running and hot you have them i have 4 in the t position but it only runs 5 lbs untill ck engine light what is your set up or does any one have 3bar map set up…

i run like 5 or so just to be safe. im using stock map sensor and running 5/6 psi. works fine, no check engine light at all.

2 should be fine, 3 at the most. I used to run 3 at 10psi no CEL’s.

Can you run these inline? So that they just close when the boost comes? I have three but are not installed yet as I cannot finish my boosting project till after Aug. 1st. Alls I have to buy is the
T25, manifold, and cut my piping and its finished.