"Clocking" a 14B Turbo

Okay, say I do finally get a manifold and DP that actually let me keep AC and PS for a 14B setup. The question remains, is there a way to clock the turbo (rotate one housing relative to the other) so the compressor outlet faces the right way (down)? As it is they face in the worst possible direction! It seems like an externally gated turbo be easy to clock, but the 14B seems complicated because after you clock it, where would you bolt the wastegate actuation assembly? Can you even clock a 14B?

  • Jim

you can clock it but you need a pair of big c clip pliers to compress the c clip and remove it from its slot, then take the housing off completly and very carefully to not bend the blades. you then have to shave down the little circular pin that locates the housing this way you can spin it whereever you want to. Keep in mind you MUST not shave the housing at all or else your seal will not hold.