CO: Brand New Honda parts/DB2 cluster, rear seats, B17 shortblock WILL SHIP

Not mine.

Not mine.

I will vouch for the condition of this block, I was there when these picture were taken!!! Please someone get this out of my Garage :smiley: :up:

I will vouch for the block as well as the seller. The block is stock, was owned by a 50 year old guy in loveland before this as his daily driver. Then the accident which ripped the bolts out. I have heard this engine run, she didn’t knock or smoke.

Get these while you still can!

EDIT: I am interested in the bearing and seals, but lets worry about getting you paid for the wire cover first lol.

Hello sent you anxemail regarding the rear seats shipped to Florida 33462

Cool, got it. Shiipping is $40, so $135 total will work

send u another email lol thanks

Hey, I’ll take the throwout bearing from you. I’ll send via paypal under the same username @yahoo.

Sounds good, is the paypal

how are the the condition of the rods and did you keep the right rod caps with rod? will you sell the rods only?

Didn’t get to check the rods, yes I kept the rod caps with the right rods, and no sorry I can’t sell the rods only

Bump, everything still here…

still got the rear seats? if so, how much shipped to 85363? Very Interested

Yup, $135 shipped to your door

sent you an email about the seats

Sorry it took me a bit, but I replied back to ya.

For everyone else, make an offer on this stuff! Its all (minus the seats) about to go on Ebay soon

Still here. I’m think I’m going to part the block out and scrap it. Any interest in the crank and rods/pistons?

Whats the pick up price for the b17?

For you?? two hundred dolla will let you holla! You coming out this way?

A buddy of mine in grand junction is coming down here at the end of the month, gonna see if i can get him to pick it up