CO: G2 meet

Alright so lets try this one more time.

Place: Dolphin Car wash next to safeway
9670 washington st(thornton parkway and washington street)
Thornton, Co. 80029

Date and time:
Sat, March 31 at 6:00 pm

Im getting ready to buy my second car and as soon as that happens the tegs insurance gets droped and it goes into the garage for some serius work for the next year or so. i would definatly like to meet some of you guys before that happens.

Im always down to change the location if some of you dont want to travel that far. just say where would be better and we’ll put it up for discussion.

WOW people a couple of views but no reply’s :wtf:

SAP15 where you at.

The im going to Las Vegas tonight bump.

Man i hope i have better luck there than i am here:stare:



So im gonna be the only one there huh:loser:

such a shame:(

sorry i dont live there but ill post to make you happy:wave:

thanks man:hi5:

well since nobody is going to show. theres no way im sticking around work for an extra hour, so maybe next time:ok:

There’s a team-integra meet on the 29th at the garden of the gods.


Not to many g2icers from colorado here man, lol and the one who are, are all spread out. To far to drive for a two car meet man. Sierra is right though, garden of the gods should be a good meet. L8ter bro


I hear that man.

Garden of the gods huh. ill see what i can do.:shrug:

Unfourtunatly dosnt look like im gonna make it. to many things wrong with the da to make that trip and it doesn’t look like im gonna have the money to get them fixed by the end of the month:(

Ill give it a bump for my fellow coloradan’s :up:

I guess I can bump this up.

any of you guys down for a meet.

Dang…i guess theres only two people from CO here?? I know i’ve seen at least 3-4 other modified G2’s just in my area. Oh well…thats why i also off road my 4runner…

nice thats funny, cause i just bought a 91 4 runner in pristeen condition:clap:

there are G2s all over the place, aperently no one wants to meet up.

hopefully some more of these guys will check in and we can actualy get a meet going

where are you at rocket.

I just saw this thread was still alive…kinda. I never come in this forum, probably most the other coloradans dont either.

I’m down to meet up sometime. I’m pretty much downtown but would be willing to travel a little ways.

4Runners are sweet trucks. I do a bit of offroading myself in my 1/2 ton Chevy.

I’m down, but needs to be more than a couple people.

well i dont know what you guys are doing but i will be at the afformentioned address all day detailing my ride. if anyone whats to swing thru, id be down to chill for a little bit. and meet some of you guys.:up:

Hey guys! I’m somewhat new here and I think it would be sweet if use mountain freak colodrads got together. I live in loveland (near fort collins).we could meet in the area u guys have been talking about (or possibly denver?)we should seriously do this.

fort collins?:shrug:

Fort collins isnt that bad for me. but i cant speak for bobloblaw:giggle: