CO2 in N20 tank?

Ok I just got my zex wet kit hooked up and bought an NX purge kit. Would I be able to fill up my empy bottle with CO2 and plug it directly into the purge selanoid for show use(n2o gets expensive when you purge it)? This may be one of the dumbest things you people have heard, but I figured it would work a lot like the CryO2 system. Anyways, just an idea before I go and spend the $$ on n2o :think:

i think it would be possible but you wouldnt want to use it back and forth…what you could do is get 2 tanks…get one for the show that has co2 in it and get one for every other time for the no2…just make sure you purge it real good before you use the no2 to get all of the co2 out of the lines

I’m not a fan of nitrous oxide. But I think that’s a good idea. I’d also go with the 2 tanks idea. It’ll probably just be a lot more convenient for you.

Thanks for the reply guys, I was thinking the 2 tanks idea too