Compression Test

I have put about every search possibility and cant find an answer. I have a 91 teg ls and i am trying to do a compression test. I looked on c-speed, but that is for a 94 teg i believe. And my repair manual has nothing on it. I just wanted to know what fuse and distributer wires to pull. Thanks for any help.

anything to do with dumping fuel into the cylinders … fuel pump , disable it

Could you please tell me what fuse to pull to disable pump. Thanks

pull the main relay under the dash on the drivers side, its a brown box about 3x2x1 that will disable the fuel pump and injectors or just look at the diagram on the fuse panel and pull the one that says FUEL PUMP

In the Engine Bay theres a fuse box on the passenger side, remove the fuse labeled “ECU” should be a 10a fuse, that should disable your fuel. Be sure your throttle body is at WOT when doing the test, if not your readings may differ.

Thanks for the help guys. Just finished- #1 200 #2 200 #3 205 #4 190 Not to bad for 187,000+ mile car.

Those are some nice #s :up: