Couped_upd Db1 Daily :In the 405

Hey guys!

I figured since I am on going a complete DB1 project…Which I am VERY motivated. I might as well post it up for all to view. Help on some things, and maybe get some pointers on some things as well. :smiley: I am new to the Integra, but not new to tasteful modified cars. I loved the Db1 chassis since my buddy Seth (Member JDM_288) first showed me the DB1 chassis about four years ago! Always wanted one, but never found one cheap, and worth a damn to fix. Needless to say, I purchased my first DB1, and loving every single thing about it! Although, I do wish it was a 92-93, but it being 5 speed standard is good enough for me.

I guess I should post my other sluts.

My 1992 Rb25det RHD Silvia build, currently redoing everything! …again…

My 1989 Sr20det Drift car Nissan 240sx

More important, my favorite one of all! The 1991 Db1 daily, I am about to redo everything!

The Damage

Very little rust…for a da…lol

I will be updating the things I already done, so sorry if it is mixed up. Updates coming next post!

your s13s look amazing. what are the plans for the db1?

[SIZE=“4”]1996 Ek Side Skirts to DB1 Chassis install[/SIZE]

Update (made an install write up)

Picked up some parts!

Oem trunk spoiler

One peices

Accord rear lip

new ish fender

1993 rear bumper

1993 front bumper and 1993 accord front lip

Gsr leathers

JDM gsr b18c engine

(I love OEM style by the way!)

I am open to paint. I am thinking on keeping it the oem color…kinda been mixed on going white or black as well.
OEM trunk spoiler
OEM Ek side skirts
OEM Accord side skirts
OEM Accord front and rear lip
OEM 92-93 front bumper
OEM 92-93 rear bumper
Fixing all dents, and rust
OEM 1990 front lip
OEM Hood bra (if I can ever find one…)
OEM Side markers
Amber bumper lights
OEM JDM one piece headlights
OEM Mud flaps

Traction bar
nice coil overs
XXR 501 16x8 +15
Good camber arms
Replacing worn parts

B20 Vtec or B18c
B16 trans
Nice quite exhaust
B&M Short shifter
Battery relocation
Well see…

Gsr leathers
Leather rear seats
Black Suede center fabric door panels
Touch screen navigation radio
2 10in subs with a good amp
OEM center arm rest
broadway mirror lol
Black die my carpet

…this is all a guess. WE will see what will happen. =)

Seats in, interior will need a ton of work.

Settin some mo low now.

loving the nissans. ive alway been attracted to those 240’s. must be casue they look so much like the teggy :slight_smile: very nice work man, glad to see your opting for the 93 over the 91 bumpers. they look so much better. the deck wing and accord lips should realy set it off :up:


Nice looking build so far… Looks like it’ll be a fun winter project.

Ya, same reason I like the da/db chassis! They look similar, with a 240sx Coupe with a Silvia front. :rockon:

hmmmm. this is going turbonium? looking much better already, btw

Looks like progress, looking good man!

I was looking for another 240 2 years ago but then came across some da’s and thought they looked like a 240 couple with silvia front! and now i have a da and just recently picked up a db1 as well. For your ek skirts did you get them from a 2 door or 4 door ek?

looks like you have a good start …you know 90/91 rear bumpers are the same as 92/93 on the db1 only the front is different on the 4 door unlike the da were front an back is different…if you need rear mudflaps or the blue manuel seat belt to get rid of the power seat belts let me know


I happen to get these ones off of a 2 door Honda Civic EK Coupe. I hope this helps!


Nope, sure did not know that. Well, at least I have a bumper to work on while I drive the db… Manual seat belts would be nice. Sounds like I need to hit you up. THANKS for the info!! :manual:

Oh, my exhaust desired to leave me yesterday after pulling out of my buddy’s driveway. =(

I had to jack up the car to get the mangled miss out from under the car!

Suggestions on exhaust would be great! keep in mind my car is super low…

[SIZE=“5”]Rear 1994 Accord Lip install[/SIZE]

Rear Accord Lip

One rear 1992 to 1993 bumper


It is very simple. You install the lip, set a screw in one corner to hold it where you want it, then drill out your OEM 10mm holes to make the accord lip BOLT up to the DA bumper. I forgot to do a write up on this, but it is very easy. Then I cut off the ends, and cut the opening for the exhaust.

Silvia is a beauty ! Looks like your moving pretty fast with the db1. Cant wait to see more updates.

You said that lip is the 93 accord lip? Looks alot different than what I imagined.

What year are the Seats from?? They look very clean. I have not seen a driver seat with the recline lever on the right side.

[QUOTE=all-DA-way215;2237082]Silvia is a beauty ! Looks like your moving pretty fast with the db1. Cant wait to see more updates.

You said that lip is the 93 accord lip? Looks alot different than what I imagined.[/QUOTE]

No that is a stock 1991 lip, I have another lip…(the accord lip) I am going to install at a later date. I was just playing around with the 91 lip before I installed in on my 91 bumper. =)

1996 GSR leathers, only 2 bolts go in, and you have to modify the auto seat belts to bolt to the side of them. Kinda pain in the ass if you ask me.

*the picture does not show the auto seat belt installed yet.