CT 91 LS:S Part Out 1 Pieces, limited edition interior, whole car needs to go!

Ok need to get a new car by next week some time so i need most or all of this shit gone. I put some pretty low prices on these already but feel free to offer, package deals are your best bet the more you buy the better the price.

Fenders need paint $40 each or $75 for both
Hatch with glass and wiper motor as well as plastic that lines it $40 needs paint little bit of surface rust on it
Mirrors $40 for pair
Tail lights $40 for both
Rear disc swap with ebrake cables and trailing arms $150
Two tone special edition interior rear panels $50
Door panels two tone as well $50 for both
All 4 panels for $90
Two tone rear seats bench part has some stains and a couple burns $30 upper is perfect
Cluster with 153xxx $35
Black dash in good shape $40
Center console and ebrake cover $20
Headliner $30
Newer master with booster $60
Heater core $30
Cargo Cover $30
Under dash panel pass side $5
Misc dash switches $3 each cruise,fog,dimmer,hazard,rear defrost,sunroof
Engine bay fuse box $5
Wiper motor and assembly $20
Rear view mirror $5
DC sun visors $10 for pair need cleaning
Map Light $15
Fuse box cover $5
Cruise control computer and engine bay unit $30
Stock intake/airbox $25
Steering column with turn and wiper switches $25
Ignition with key $35
Map sensor with solenoids $35
Radiator $40
Windshield washer reservoir $20

Tons of other stuff car will be gone this week so if you want something speak up now!

860 six three four 3691 Prefer text

willing to part the rear seat backs from the lower portion and set???

where in ct? im interested in the front seats heading out there on monday cash in hand.

and how much for the headlights?

Price on the tails shipped to 33534 Thanks.


[QUOTE=R1titan911;2247733]Price on the tails shipped to 33534 Thanks.

Throw me an offer i haven’t really been up to date on what things are selling for lately gonna start looking through some threads.

[QUOTE=RI’S_DB1;2247717]where in ct? im interested in the front seats heading out there on monday cash in hand.

and how much for the headlights?[/QUOTE]

I’m just over the RI/CT line off rt 6 near danielson what you offer for the front seats and the headlights? i can split the rears up and sell black the part he needs i guess and find something to do with the panels

I’m interested in the mirrors let $170 shipped ?? To 92057

black if he doesnt want to seperate i have rears fs lmk 8602024982 sry to thread jack hey bro glwys im gona prolly strip the 4dr so i wont need those parts anymore

Sounds good bro

hey hit me up on email or text for the upper back seat

[QUOTE=R1titan911;2247733]Price on the tails shipped to 33534 Thanks.

Shipping estimate is about $20 so say $65 shipped?

Front seats and mirrors sold still have everything else

email sent regarding the shift knob and boot.

this stuff pending

How many miles does the koni/gc setup have on it? And would you be willing to ship the rear valence thing above the bumper?

payment sent.

Rear valence part is shot it’s rotted on one side. Not sure how many miles are on them I got them off here and put probably 15k on them never track driven or anything like that.

Hmm ok, do you wanna text me some more pictures in the light since you have them off? Any rust? And how about how many years old are they. Sorry to ask so many questions. my number is 928-606-2147 btw

i haven’t pulled the suspension yet, waiting till i pull the motor later this weekend so that its easier to roll with no suspension lol. I’m sure there will be a little rust on them since i do live in a northern state but i’ll clean em up and shoot some pics as soon as i can. i’ve owned them for just over a year not sure how long the previous owner had them.