CT\MA\RI: Lets Get the Ball Rolling?

Hey guys. It’s been a while and the weather is starting to look alright. I know we shouldn’t meet right away, but let us start throwing around ideas as to how soon and where this will go down.

As some of you may or may not know, I had broken my ankle at the end of last year’s season. Months and a few titanium screws later, I am back. I proclaim myself most interested in this going down and I will do all the organizing stuff.

Depending on what day this goes down, I will have a cameraman with a camcorder rolling with me, we also have a 0.41x wide angle lens. Will also bring a camera with a tripod.

Here is the link to last year’s efforts: http://g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169331&highlight=worchester



So I’ll start by refreshing the winner idea: Pulaski Park.

Let’s go :clap:

[SIZE=“5”]Interested people:[/SIZE]
db2integra [MA]

[SIZE=“7”]May 31st!
Pulask Park in RI[/SIZE]

im down for a springtime meet.

yea lets get it poppin!! i dont have a da anymore but willing to see some faces you know!

im down for late spring early summerish

I’ll be down, like Jon said around late spring early summer, get some time to get the Teg ready.

Likewise! I just finished ripping my interior apart. Going to fix all leaks forever, then dynamat the whole car and go from there. May try dying the damn carpet or something. Basically major interior revamp but keeping the OEM look.

Mine’s also blue :slight_smile:

Teg is just about ready so I’m down

sounds good lets figure out a date asap cant wait to get out and show the teg off fresh paint and new engine /turbo setup…

Oh, fancy.

I can go out anytime, but most fellas here seem to want to meet significantly later. At the very least I think we all agree that snow should be GONE. Hate that shit. Feel free to pitch dates. Everyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what we can all agree on. :up:

April 19th is the UConn Car Show Meet. Anybody interested in going?

April 19th is the UConn Car Show Meet. Anybody interested in going?

I want to but…my passenger front wheel went into my fender after hitting a pothole in boston at midnight toward the end of the season…so I’m rolling with a Horizon Gray fender at the moment. I won’t have time to get it painted till sometime in May. Not as fun If I can show the car :sad:

Considering it.

i’d rather have a all g2 meet.

on another note. i just finished up assembly of my motor. cant wait to start her up :slight_smile:

So I can’t bring friends with different cars?

Old civis only? :rofl:


So I can’t bring friends with different cars?

Old civis only?


There were two hatches at the last meet. But one has a g2 underconstruction and the other drove up with his brothers g2. As long as it’s not the kid with the coupe that was trying to cause a scene the last meet I’m ok with it.

We got an NX2000, a quattro A4 and a 240SX SE.

im game for early spring. Let me know when. Good to see someone else trying to set up a meet for once. THanks visible.

ill also be at the uconn show if anyone cares to come.


Any dates yet? Only a couple more months till warm weather.


I am available all weekends. I am setting an arbitrary date of May 17th.

Let us all start sliding it around until we are all happy about it.