CT/RI/MA August Meet Plans

What’s up guys?

Who is up for another meet?

It’d be nice if you guys could start throwing dates out and different plans we might be able to do. I’d also like to get an idea of who is up for coming to a meet in august.



F1 go-kart racing anyone? That’s the only Idea I have so far.

Attendance :
1- tbeesh
2- brian349
3- Dampa-chi (hopefully)
4- jaydmDA9
5- jdmphresh
6- 92BlueTeg
7- GS92Integra
8- ivegotbawls (maybe)
9- 90Sleeperls
10- khmai_hald
11- white mike
12- mikenice
Suggestions so far:

1- go karts
2- Nantasket beach
3- good times
4- Dave and busters

lets do it.

I’m down for another meet. Car still isn’t finished though, but maybe if its later in August it will be drivable. I would go go cart racing, but it may be too pricey for some people. How about we have a meet near a beach like at Nantasket Beach? Otherwise, what about something at either Good Times or Dave and Buster’s? Just tryin to think of places where there would be a wide range of activities for people to do but still be in the same place.

im down…i missed the last one…just depends when in august it is…:clap:

sup guys… im down for another one, im boostin now, i havent been on here for a while. im down for any place!

damn, any pics of your set up bro?

I’m definetely up for another.

For D&B we have to have at least one person thats 21, i’m 20 so I can’t help there. I’m sure one of you are.

And as long as the kid with the civic isn’t there we should be good…he brings too much unwanted attention

its up already

im down for a meet, depending when it is. well i could be driving the 93 LS or the 92 GS

id take the drive for a meet. never been to one. should have the b20z swap done and the suspension in by the.
any ideas when and where?

That would be sweet if you could come.

It’s probably going to be mid August and either at a park/beach/place to do something.

That’s why I made this thread to get dates/suggestions, haven’t gotten many yet though :tsk:

how about we go to the beach and who ever wants, after we meet up we could head to good times, and could all roll together. just an idea

i wont be able to make it if its at the end of august. im going on a cruise on the 23rd. maybe something like the 18th or the 19th would be cool.

mid month, saturday or sunday should be good, should give everyone a few weeks to take time off.

Still trying to think of something to do, i’ll try to throw some suggestions when I think of them

i just wanna be in my 93 LS and not my 92 GS, the GS has a slight oil leak

end of summer meet…shit would be nice id like to go to goodtimes and its not to far from here so i wont be able to get another flat tire:lol:

i would be down to go but i would have to bring my EG cause the teg won’t make it that far and i’m not driving that far with no radio… but then again i’m a noob to this forum so i dunno if i’m allowed to go lol

hahaha do it… be a man:ohyeah:

you guys know im def down but you know the deal, if its too far i probably cant go, but ill see what i can do…keep me updated

i think we should do it at goodtimes…its got a good parking lot and if we get kicked out we can go across the street to the old movie theater tht they shut down and if we got nuttin to do we can go inside and play some games…pool watch tv play bball…whos down.