daily driver gsr

ok im gettin a 94 GSR for my 91 RS. im going n/a but im not trying to dump too much money into it. i just wanna know, since the b18c1 block is pretty good, can i just focus on working on the head? this is what i had planned…

B16 Cable Tranny
AEM Cold Air Intake
DC 4-1 Header
2 1/4 Exhaust with Hi-Flow Cat
Cams (Going either Skunk2 stage 1 or CTR)
Cam Gears (same as above)
Port & Polish
Gude Throttle Body
Skunk2 IM
VTEC Controller
Chipped ECU (any suggestions?)
Gut the trunk/take out PS/ and AC
…anything else that might help?

im hoping this will be pretty good to run at the track, take out a couple of hatch’s with b16’s/gsr’s , or regualr g3 GSR’s.

just wondering, are the camshafts from DH-RACING any good? how is their headwork? are their parts better then say Skunk 2 or anything?

Thanks in advance…

Re: daily driver gsr

Originally posted by infamous187

B16 Cable Tranny

why? :shrug:

cant use the GSR hydro tranny…plus b16 has shorter gear ratios then the LS tranny which i dont wanna use…

oh my bad! i thought you said you got a 94 gsr as a daily driver, and that you were gonna put a cable tranny in it. lol

lol its cool, but back to the topic…how does the setup sound?? good/bad/ any advice/answers on the questions asked?

my car’s engine is still stock, but i don’t think the throttlebody will help that much. id spend that $ elswhere.


i have a similiar setup

-96 us spec b18c
-itr cams
-spoon cam gears
-skunk 2 mainfold
-itr tbody
-aem cai

  • comptech 4-2-1 header
  • trust exhaust
  • apex vtec controller
  • stock p72 ecu (have a p28 ecu not working now
    -b16 tranny

have had the swap for about 3 years now runs strong , beats g3 gsrs all day a few civic/crx with b16s,and even a few type r s

with my setup im hoping for around 170s once the car hits the dyno , with the set up you are going with you should be in the 180s go with somegood headwork and some skunk 2 stage 1 cams with a good valve train for high reving and some tuning you should be pleased with the results
but remember are cars are heaving dont expect to beat crx with gsr swaps , you need around 190 + hp to the wheels to break 13s in a stock weight g2

yea, thats the only bad thing. how are your ITR Cams? i was thinking to use the JDM ITR Spoon Pistons which come balanced already and match them with some Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams. would be good idea?

Originally posted by infamous187
cant use the GSR hydro tranny…

says who?

Originally posted by zoomintegra
says who?

haha. jp


the tegs are cable, and i heard they didnt make a cable to hyrdo kit for our DA’s

no they didn’t, but i seem to be doing just fine with a hydraulic transmission in my car. :shrug:

there ust to be a member named lex with a gsr swap with hydro tranny , it took custom fabrication and costed him way to much i remember, cable is way more cheaper and practicle

As for your setup it will be a very nice daily driver setup , but if i was you i would go with some JDM ITR PISTONS or CTR or the spoon itr pistons , get some headwork from a good company Portflow ect , and high compression 11.1 or even up to 12.1 if you have higher octane gas in your state (ca is 91 octane some states have 93 octane ) the skunk stage 2 cams are ment for high compression ,it all depends on your budget and your goals everyone is diffrent , if i had the chance all over again i would of built the block before install

Originally posted by infamous187
how are your ITR Cams?

Best bang for the buck for ITR cams you can find a good used pair for 300-400 dollars
good midrange power but power peak is around 8300 , other cams offer more peak power up to 9200 but requir upgrade in valvetrain and sometimes higher compression

Originally posted by 92lsR
there ust to be a member named lex with a gsr swap with hydro tranny , it took custom fabrication and costed him way to much i remember, cable is way more cheaper and practicle

wow you need to work on spelling.

there is currently a member named zoomintegra who has a hydraulic transmission in his 92 integra, and it required absolutely ZERO custom fabrication and was NOT expensive, nor is it impractical (there’s one of those spelling things you should try and improve if you want to be taken seriously). All you need is a clutch pedal, MC, and hardline from any 94-up integra or 92-up civic. it’s FAR easier than most people assume, but then again that’s because most people don’t take the time to actually research it, they just parrot what one person on the internet says and consider it to be the word of God. :tsk:

again i say, don’t spout shit you don’t know about. I have firsthand experience using a hydraulic transmission and clutch system in my car, and it was neither hard nor expensive, and it is far from impractical.

DH-racing :cool: thats some of the tastiest honda stuff out there. There race cams are at about the same level (if not just above) Skunk stage 3.

well let me clear a few things up i type quick and spelling is the last thing i check on the boards , if the hydro is so easy why is there very few people with hydro transmissions in there DA/EF ?im not here to argue or say i know it all but there is very little people with hydro tranny , if it was so easy and cheap everyone would have a hydro gsr tranny or type r with lsd , much more practical gearing for freeway compared to the b16a cable trannys ratios

obviously, genius, YOU didn’t read very much either. because i implicitly stated (that’s a big word for it’s right there in black and white, dipshit) that people don’t have the patience to actually THINK for themselves and just do what the rest of the flock does because it’s all they know. if people would think, learn, and use some common freaking sense, you’d see a lot more cars with hydraulic transmissions. yes it’s easy and cheap–granted, not QUITE as cheap as just getting a jdm cable b16 tranny, but at the time i had a full GSR swap–selling the tranny and getting another one only meant MORE time wasted…so i improvised, and it worked out splendidly. people just don’t know, that’s the reason. if they knew, they’d probably consider it more.

and EF civics have more modification necessary. I don’t recall ever saying a goddamned word about the older civics. If i did, please point it out so I can modify the post. My experience is with the DA chassis, which is a drill-and-bolt-on affair. The EF you’ll have to ask someone else about, and I’ll thank you to not put words into my mouth again.

now run along and graze with the rest of the sheep.