damn car died!!!!!!! I THINK FOR GOOD

heres my problem…my car started fucking up on me about 2 weeks ago and i haven’t really drove it since (it cut off on me twice) ok i know my headgasket has some type of problem and needs to be replaced (steam from overflow tank)…this past saturday it was nice out and i didn’t want to drive the domestic piece if shit so i jumped in her…i get to my boy’s house and right as i get out to say whats up the car died…i try to restart and the engine rotates BUT IT’S THE LOUDEST SOUND I’VE EVER HEARD FROM A ENGINE…IT SOUNDED LIKE THAT SOUND U GET WHEN U TRY TO START YOUR CAR AND IT’'S ALREADY STARTED…well i wait about 10 mins ans try again and it starts…we agree i should have drove the dumb-messtic so we try to haul ass back to my crib :bs: .i didn’t even make it to the G.S.P… car died again BUT IT BEARLY ROTATES LIKE A HALF TURN IF THAT…I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED OR WHAT THE PROBLEM IS…I’M STARTING TO SEE RSX’S IN MY FUTURE IF I CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT…O NO THE COOLANT HASN’T MIXED


If your head gasket was blown already and seepnig coolant into oil. coolant/water in oil KILLS bearings etc. Sounds like you seized multiple bearings to me.


man…why did you drive it when you knew it had headgasket prob??

You said “O NO THE COOLANT HASN’T MIXED”. Meaning there’s no coolant mixed with the oil? Are you sure? Better check it again. If it’s milky you might have killed it. :tsk: At best you overheated it.

Does this really belong in the Forced Induction forum?

yeah it does since i run a LS-T…i do know how to read…fi is for people who are turbo…thanks for asking…

yeah i’m sure it didn’t mix what look like an asshole…the issue with the h.g is that it showed 180’s all cyl but after boosting for a long period of time you’ll get some steam from the overflow…i’ve invested to much into this car not to double and triple check…the oil is still light brown and smells ok… josh u out there i need feedback! :mad:

ok that makes some cents…if that was the case would i see any metal in the oil pan? the car only heated up when going 80 plus so it was ok for city driving and it was cool that night… also running the heat during a warm day kept it from over heating…

No offence intended. I didn’t know it was an LS-T. As for the oil issue, the only reason I asked was because of Tchleung’s suggestion that coolant was seeping into the oil. But you’ve confirmed that it’s still light brown and not milky. And compression of 180 on all cylinders would suggest that you’re h.g. is intact.

You could have another problem related to your cooling system. Thermostat or rad cap maybe? It’s possible that it overheated and started to seize, which would make sense since you said you were able to restart it after ten minutes. The pistons were free to move in the cylinders once the block cooled down.

umm damn…ok i’ll check into that…looks like i’m getting a new engine oe parting out

What was the reading on your temperature guage when the car stalled?

running normal like lower left side of the tree thing…

The steam from the overflow is probably unrelated then. Unless your temp gauge is wrong. Could be an oil starvation problem, but it’s tough to say. Try dropping the oil pan and see what you can see.

You never know, it might be rebuildable. Good luck!

ok i thought about rebuilding and i also though about stripping it down and selling what i got and getting an rsx-type s…but i’m going against that as of now…a freind of mine has a built - up gsr engine that he i’ll sell to me for 3k…ported head cams the whole shit…do u think i should get that and drop that in or just rebuild the ls

You’ll have to assess the damage to your existing engine and decide for yourself if it’s worth a rebuild or not.

Ok, stupid question time: So you got the car restarted, then tried to get back home. Was the car making this sound you described while the car was running?

EDIT: I just read some of the other threads concerning your cooling problem. The reason I’m asking the above question is that I’ve noticed some conflicting information and want to clarify.

umm no it wasn’t BUT when i was attempting to restart it it was cranking louder then normal…

I wouldn’t rule out a faulty head gasket as the source of the overheating trouble. Posters in the other threads suggested that it’s possible to have a head gasket leak under boost despite the good compression numbers. You did mention some smoke at idle. If it was white smoke with the telltale sweet smell, then suspect the head gasket.

The stalling problem could be a separate issue though. I’m beginning to think the noise you heard was your starter.