Damn Passenger side water leaks!! 56k no no

Decided to go ahead and rip out the blower motor on my DA considering the whole cowl fix didn’t make my leak go away. So having the blower motor out of the way HOPEFULLY i’d be able to see where the damn leak was coming from.

-Started by removing the top cowl piece which everyone hates because of the chance of breaking-

-After the exterior was done I went to work on the interior pieces and had the blower motor out and everything else in about 45 minutes-

-After all the pieces I needed to remove were out of the way I could FINALLY see the air duct and hopefully see where the leak was coming from(I know everyone hates this piece of crap, so I threw in the finger for everyone haha)-

After that I had my sister pour a bucket of water on that side of the windshield to figure out where the leaks were coming from. LOW and BEHOLD I see water dripping from two spots, And it’s a pretty fast leak.

-Here’s the first leak(white piece).-

-If your wondering what that part is on the outside it’s this.(the silicone thats on there I have no clue where that came from, think it was already there before I fixed the cowl the first time)-

-Second leak(White piece, that old boot you see isn’t leaking, thats siliconed shut from the first fix lol)-

-What that is on the outside-

So after finding all the damn leaks I siliconed and covered those two spots on the outside to prevent and further water from entering in from those two clips. There are more of those clips along the window but I don’t think those matter considering their far from where the vent and will probably not leak that way. Hopefully this cures the damn leak from now on, and I don’t have to worry about washing my car or rain anymore haha.

-After all that damn work of clips, bolts, trying to yank out that giant blower motor from that tiny cramped space everything is back to normal- END RANT

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nice pictures, that makes the source of the leak clear as day for readers.

Yea I just had to show how much of a pain this was to solve and fix. :bow:

i still say you should have let me MIG it shut!

hahaha, IF this doesn’t fix it, your bringing over the mig and were welding EVERY part of that damn thing shut.

dont tease me like that.

My brother has the same problem. He is even considering selling the car because of all of the leaks the integra gets. Trunk, etc.

all the leaks in the trunk are pretty easy to find. Usually Taillight gaskets or sunroof drains or bad trunk seal, at least their easy to get to compared to this crap lol

:bow: I know what I will be doing very soon.

No new carpet until leak is gone.

hmm, i just took my blower thingy out on sunday. hmm so when are you coming over to fix my leak too? haha

offf topic but u have any more pics of your da?..looks nice and clean from that first view

Thanks for the pics. I’m in the same boat (hehe). I did the TegTips leak fix and it still leaked after the first heavy rain. I don’t think the TegTips mentioned the two offending white clips, only the rubber seals. Maybe this needs to be amended to the original tip (HERE) to save others from having to do this twice. :bang:

sol1d, did you replace the white thing that caused your second leak or does anyone know the part number?

I had recently replaced the rubber boots and sealead everything under the cowl. We recently had our first good downfall for the fall and 100% leak free! I’m glad my car is 100% solid again. Hopefully I’ll report back in the Spring and say the leak is gone forever, at least for another 14 years :slight_smile:

I thanks you for a great write-up with pics and good info. Also I dont know how to stop the leaks on my teg it seems to be near the door panel of the dash and the sunroof as well as the floor near my ecu, Im at a lost.

My brother has the same problem. He is even considering selling the car because of all of the leaks the integra gets. Trunk, etc.

yeah I’m about 2 seconds away from buying a DC :(…D


teg fix sucks CULO!!


where do you guys get the plastic white clips for the cowl at ? Why did you take the blower off ?

it to0k me 2 tries til i got my leak fixed. first i just replaced those clear rubber boots and the clips, that didnt work. then i looked and the seal for the air blower cabin was shot too so i just ordered a new one and just to make sure i sealed it up with silicone. now im leak FREE! i know this thing by heart! if anyone needs help and are local come by and i will lend a hand. oh ya as far as the trunk leak its usually the tail light gasket or sometimes the weatherstripping around the truck. i replaced those and im 100% leak FREE! WOO HOO!