Davidhtam: It's about time I make a build thread.

are you able to actuate the secondary butterfly valves on the stock intake with the s300 though? if not, you’ll either have to leave them open or shut

If he was chipping a P72 he’d be able to control them, but it looks like he’s gonna go with a P28. All that one has is VTEC vs Knock, IAB (butterflies), and VTEC control with a P72 ecu

My friend and I are going to try to figure out a way to trigger the IAB’s. We’re gonna try to use a shift light to relay a signal to the IAB’s to open/close at a certain RPM.

Finally picked up my Hondata, ACT clutch and obd-0 to obd-1 harness. Gotta study for midterms this weekend so the motor will have to go in on tuesday! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

fuel parameters may also change during operation of the secondary valves. may wanna look into that.

will do :wink:
If anyone can chime in about that topic, please feel free to do so! I’m pretty sure the ECU can compensate for the IAB’s though… a p28 ecu can be modified to actuate the IAB’s. I’m not sure if any extra tuning is required, but from what I understand it’s just plug and play. So if that’s the case, this method of controling the IAB’s (with the shift light wiring) will work the same(ish) way?


Clutch was installed yesterday, which means the tranny can be mated on.
Also did a valve adjustment. The motor is pretty much ready to go into the car. Just have to clean up the wiring harness and it’s good to goooooooo!!

I’ll have to pick up some misc. parts here and there in order to get the engine started. ETA to start up day… 1 week? I CAN’T WAIT!!!

well, i hope all goes well with that intake. personally, i would have just scooped up a blox mani and been done with it. although having that whole system working correctly would be a pretty sweet thing.
good luck to you, sir

The Hondata can control the IABs, no problem, but your ECU doesn’t have the right components. You can get’em installed at the same time as the S300, if that’s not done yet though

awsome build man:up:

im just currius is airfair to colorado included in that $150 photo shoot offer:angel:

Im sure running IAB’s with the hondata will be no problem, use the secondary maps to make anychanges fuel maps that are neccisary for the added air

subscribed man:up:

Thanks for the link penny! I’ll b installing the components for the iab’s and controlling it with hondata.

Black: I’ll photoshoot your car for free if you pay my airfare… Hehhee


mounted the tranny last night, double checked for misc heater and coolant hoses to order. Have to finish up the wiring harness and ge a distributor. It’s almost there guys :smiley:



I took pictures last night, but i’m at school right now so i haven’t uploaded them yet.

IAB’s have been wired, vtec wired, ran battery cable to the rear - still need to mount the box. All hoses have been hooked up.

I have a question though: what throttle cable should i be using? The stock one seems to be too long. Do i switch over to the b18c1 one??

I’m liking what i"m seeing…:rockon:Nice work!


some more artisticy shots

My garage is really cramped so it’s hard to get some good angles.

Still need to route the throttle cable, connect the power steering, install the rad and header umm… CLEAN UP

Lots of little stuff to do still… hope to get it up and running on friday!!! Fingers crossed :D:D:D:D:D

Awesome! Usually a new swap doesn’t look that clean. You’ve got some skills with the camera.

GSR throttle cable yezzir! Which t/b are you using? Lookin good!

Thanks steve, but it’s no where near as clean as yours!! I’m using a bored out stock throttle body. Which one did you end up going with? Did you have any clearance issuses with your intake arm and fuel filter? I decided to go with a stock arm and box for a cleaner stock look. I like the look of the stock box :slight_smile:

hey its brian, the guy who sold you the cam gears. Gluck with the build, car and engine looks sick! Oh btw when ur free lemme know so we can take photoshoots of our cars.


Lots of work was done on Friday. The axles were seized to the knuckles so i had to remove the entire knuckle, drive to the shop and press them out. The joints were toast so I ordered a new axle for the driver side and replaced the boot on the other side. We finished up the battery relocation and wired my kill switch :slight_smile: It’s really nice. I’ll take pictures of it later.

The motor was hooked up and primed over the weekend, but we couldn’t get it started. Had a small fuel leak at the fuel rail because i forgot to put a washer on, but that’s all good now.

Engine would fire up :frowning: Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the timing was off by about 3 degrees… so I picked up some cam gears (thanks Brian) and hopefully that will fix the problem. We’ll also do a valve adjustment again just to make sure everything is within spec. ETA for engine start… i dono :frowning: It’s final exam time so i should do some studying. We’re so close!!!

Brian: I’ll definitely give you a call once i get this thing up and running. My car is also long overdue for a photoshoot. Thanks again for the cam gears!

ok so here are the pictures:

Hehe… guess what that is :slight_smile:

Battery relocated to the trunk

This one was just for fun

Sigh… it’s pretty much ready to go… just have to put in the cam gears and adjust the timing.

Some randoms of my dirty, messy ass interior

Just an old school picture to show you guys :smiley:

and her first set of wheels