Davidhtam: It's about time I make a build thread.

wow. nice

Anything new?

unfortunately no :frowning:

I’ve been busy studying for exams the last couple weeks so i haven’t done any work to the car.

The last day we worked on it, we fired it up using the old obd0 ECU. It fired up but ran like a bag of shit and was throwing crank position sensor, map sensor and some other code. Rewired the distributor plug to see if that would help, but my buddy’s been busy studying as well so he hasn’t had time to drop by.

Ordered an oil/air seperator/breather can to take care of the pcv system. Will be picking up parts for that tmr.

My last exam is tomorrow at 12pm and after that, it’s straight to picking up parts, then coming home to start this baby UP!!! Stay tuned, updates will be had!



We rewired the distributor plug and the car fired up with the hondata ecu but was running extremely rich and rough. Did some more investigating and we discovered that we wired the MAP sensor incorrectly so we redid that and now it starts up nice and smooth! All that’s left now is tuning!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


haven’t updated this thread in a loooooooong time.

We ran into some problems after we fired it up for the first time. The car was smoking the crazy!! There was a shit load of oil being dumped into the exhaust from cylinder #2 and a little bit from number 4. Thought it was some bad valve guides so I took the head off and sent it back to the machine shop. They checked the guides and they were fine… suggested that maybe could be bad valve seals so I went to acura and bought a whole set of new valve seals (fucking expensive shit!). Put the head back on and same problem :frowning:

Took the head off again and looked at the cylinder walls. Noticed a line of oil on the thrust side of the walls when hand cranking the motor. Turns out the rings shifted when installing the pistons and there was a oil getting through the rings and into the combustion chamber. SO we redid the rings… started at 8pm and finished at 2am. Started the motor up and NO MORE SMOKE!!!

5 months later and i have my car back and it’s running better than ever!

Here’s a link to some photos :slight_smile:

bringing this thing back from the dead.

It’s been almost a year since i’ve finished the build. The b20vtec is still running strong!

here are some updated photos of the car:

I’ve still got my winter wheels on there. The gt3’s need new tires and i’m thinking of repainting them. Any suggestions for color? I was thinking of either gold or silver… leaning towards silver.

Also, it’s about time to redo my brake system. Here’s a list of parts i’ll be ordering sometime in the near future:

fastbrakes 11" rotors
Hawk hps pads front and rear
New ITR front calipers
RSX/EP3 rear calipers
EP3 rear rotors
SS brake lines front and rear

I love your car.

And, now I too want some 11" rotors up front with some EP3 calipers/rotors out back. DAMN YOU!!!

damn. winter wheels look pretty nice on there. i’d do the summer’s in gold for sure. IMO, gold looks the best against that color. makes it pop.
i had pretty much that same fastbrakes/hawk setup on my old crx, aside from the rears. stopped like a mother. was very pleased.
when it gets warmer, we should have a lower mainland meet. keep up the good work. it’s looking sharp

Yeah i’ve got the 11" rotor/ITR caliper combo up front right now. It stops really well! I haven’t changed my rotors in like 3 years and the calipers need a rebuild, but since remanufactured calipers are so cheap, i’m just gonna pick up a set of those and repaint them gold.

Yeah I agree that gold wheels look good with my color car, but I’m not so sure about gold GT3’s… i’ve been looking around and I don’t think i really like that combo for that wheel.

Think I’m gonna see if i can get some mag-blue paint and do that color

Not sure if i’ll keep the polished lip… i have to repair the lip because they’re all curbed… all depends on if i can find some really shiny silver paint.

Great pictures man! I actually like your winter wheels better, lol

Is that a VIGOR spoiler in the picture of “when you first started collecting parts”?

mrpenny: Yeah i like them too. Only thing is the finish on them is in pretty bad shape… nothing a little sanding and painting can’t fix though! The wheels are enkei rs-5. I call them my winter wheels because they’ve got this gigantic michelin all seasons mounted on them. But with a good coat of paint and some better tires, these would look sick! I might just use my rotas as winter wheels instead… haha

dpintos: Yes, it’s a vigor spoiler. I still have it… haven’t installed yet. It’s been sitting in my closet for 4 years.

I picked up a vigor spoiler too with the intentions of installing it but I haven’t yet. If you do install before I do, care to give me tips?

yes, i will definitely post how i did it in this thread… if i ever get around to it… lol