DFW Monthly meet thread...

When: Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 6:30 P.M.
Where: Taco Cabana at 4360 Little Rd just north of IH-20 in Arlington
{My web hosting took a dive… no more map}

Who: Really anybody can come… it is a meet around the G2, but others are always welcome to hang out.

Monthly news: G2 is still scarce… Getting settled into the new house is taking a long time…

let me say it now… if you guys want to meet some where else in the Arlington area, I am down for that. I just put up the S&S because it seemed to be a little more central for anyone coming from the Dallas County area…

And yes… next month I will have the Teg out… and yes it will be only hours after coming back from Mineral Wells for a day of racing…

S&S is fine with me, its close enough I can get to it within 20 minutes.

Oh ya, if we do keep S&S as the meet place… Everyone: We meet in the back parking lot. If you park and go in, chances are you will not see us inside. Go around back first.

I am sure if we end up meeting anywhere else, the same will somewhat apply. We don’t want the place we meet getting pissed at us for taking up the more valuable, up front parking spots.

Moving east on I30 would be cool with me, however, we currently have 2 from Arlington that I know of, and one from GP, unless we get more from GP or farther east, we seem to have a pretty central meet point.

ill come if i can remember, lol been really busy with school and work and all that…maybe i can get a few buddies of mine to roll out with me in their eg2’s…see you guys there!!



i like the s&s meet, its like literally 1 min away from my apt complex :smiley:

How did this fall off the page?

I still haven’t been able to finish the work on the Teg… I have onemore thing to do to the other car… maybe I will knock that out early this morning… then it is off to Autotrader to sell the Subaru and replace it with a Toyota… :smiley:

well i’ll be there. One other thing anyone going to Redline Dragway in Caddo Mills for Kumho Street WarriorZ on the 19th? I’ll be going with a bunch a other guys

I should maybe have my driving lights on the car as well as my “additional cooling” mod… maybe just maybe my custom intake as well… so much to do…

I will not be racing this weekend because I have too much going on between my personal life and my cars… I still haven’t got my Subaru in Autotrader, but all I lack is changing the fluids (oil/tranny/rear diff), the front brake pads and swapping my Enkei wheels for some stock ones… soon… and definitely this week! Then I hope to be rid of it quickly… :slight_smile:

I got the suspension in this weekend. Man am I sore. Still needs some tweaking and time to settle, but definitely better than the stock.

Will be at the meet this weekend, hope to see everyone that can make it.

From this thread, I see these people coming out:
And I imagine SuperChi will be there too.

Are we pretty much set so the meets are the 2nd Saturday of the month?

i will try to make it, but this time no guarantees as i am moving back to austin on sunday and i’m having a little going away thing saturday night

we’ll see when the day comes up

As I have said in the past, we can meet when ever you guys want to… I can only meet on the weekends (Fri-Sun) because of my work schedule… but we can do whatever is best for the group. Just let me know and I will change the first posr appropriately.

Second Saturday of the month works for me. I use a calendar for just about everything now, and when I was posting last, I had it open, and wanted to make something reoccurring. No big deal, I am open for any weekends, but only one weekend a month for me right now. Too many other obligations at the moment.

Oh ya, did you get that camera working? or was is DOA?

I have had no time to mess with any video work as of yet… Between getting my Subaru ready to sell, my full time job, landscape business, working out details for a proposal… well… I could list on and on… but I am just so busy right now… :frowning: I hope to get a chance to do some video work in the coming weeks…

Bout Time

well my fellow g2s looks like ill be making it to this one iam finally in town /i couldnt make the last one /but ill be there iam in a blk 91 teg.:fucksuvs:

anyone wanna come a little earlier… say 7:00?

i can barely not make it, since i have a commitment at 8, but it’ll be the last time for a while i’ll be in the DFW area

if a couple people want to meet up at 7 instead of 8, we could get together to have the final DFW meet of superchi until the end of the fall semester… post up if you can meet at 7pm

I can make it at any time so its cool

FKN Radio

:fucksuvs: are we still going to do this tonite it suppose to rain alllday and into the night??

Now through 07:00 PM CDT August 12, 2006
Thunderstorms…a few of them severe with damaging winds…continue to form and move slowly northwest…in a 50 mile wide band from near Eastland…through the Dallas Fort Worth area…to near Paris. Dangerous lightning…brief…heavy rainfall…and gusty winds of 40 mph will be common with these storms. A few storm will produce damaging downburst winds in excess of 60 mph. Thunderstorms will diminish quickly in the early and mid-evening period.

Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the upper 70s. South winds 5 to 15 mph.

I have to go tnd to a couple of customers… I will nto be able to make it tonight as a result… I can’t pass up two yards in the drought we are having… $$$$… meet is still on for 8pm… I just won’t be able to make it.

like i stated i’ll be there rain or not I dont got nothing better to do. So 7 or 8?

bump with the edit for September