difference w/ obd0 ecu's

i read a thread a few days ago and it stated that resistors weren’t needed with the dsm 450’s if the ecu is a obd 0. is this true? it was the frist time i heard about that.

Yes, it is true. THey are the same type. If they are for a 90-91 integra, they are plug and play.

for reals? so i don’t need any resistors or a resistor pack with some dsm injectors cus my ecu is from a 90. hell yeah. i’m gonna plug and play away… when i get my set-up complete that is.

ecu and plug and play

what is the diffrence with a 90-91 ecu to 92-93 ls,gs,rs ecu. can i use a 92 ecu on a 91 what would i need cause i wana get a aem plug and play system but the only make them for 92 and up. any help would be greatly appreciated.

All Honda ECUs require high impedance injectors.

The low impedance injectors are plug and play on 85-91 Civic/integra because they are wired with an injector resistor box to up the resistance that the ECU sees. I recommend snagging one off an old beat Civic/Integra for $10-15 and save the hassle of constructing one. My $0.02