Do I HAVE to run water lines on an oil and water cooled turbo?

hey does anyone know if I have to run water lines or not?

It’s gives your turbo an extra source of cooling, It doesnt hurt and it’s not hard, why not?

well, because I’m not exactly sure where to run the water lines…is there an inlet and an outlet side for the water on a turbo, or can it flow either direction?I have my water lines ran to my heater core hoses, but now one of my water lines going to my intake manifold bubbles out of the end of one of the hoses a little, and I’m afraid its somehow either stopping the water up or causing it to boil somehow… any ideas?

run the water lines. to my knowledge (correct me if im wrong) when a turbo is made to use both oil and water, the oil really is not a pure source of cooling because it has that water to back up on. the oil is more for lubrication then anything else. Unless the turbo is 100% oil and no water.