Do you think this is a good setup?

Hey guys in the next year or so I am planning on building a dream motor. This is what I was looking at:

CP Pistons 84.5 MM 9:1
Golden Eagle sleeves
Moroso Oil pan
Waterpump/timing belt
Type R oil pump
Bearrings/bottom end gaskets
Eagle Rods

Ferrea Valves/springs/retainers
golden eagle head bolts
JG intake
Precision Fuel injectors 880CC
golden eagle fuel rail
AEM fuel regulator
MSD HVC ignition box
ls/vtec convserion kit
Exhaust Manifold

Hondata S300
OBD1 P28
Walbro Intank Pump
Walbro Inline pump
Turbo XS dual stage boost
Tial 44mm wastegate
tial 50mm BOV
Down pipe
Precisoin SC 61 turbo
Misc Turbo hardware
Clutch twin disc

dyno tune/break in
Build motor

My goal is 500 WHP I would kinda like to hit 550 though. However 450 would make me happy to. What do you guys think of the build list? What do you think of my goals? Any suggestions or comments?

the 880ccs seem kind of extreme better have a real good tune better start saving money

880’s on stock pressure should take you into the low 500whp range on a safe duty cycle. if you have decent management, its always better to get a little larger injectors for the future (im running 780cc’s and only at 260whp currently).

what head casting and cams are you using?

I dunno what U mean by head casting. But cams when I planned this I was planning on running Stock B16 cams I was told they are pretty good. But when I do it I might save up and get some nice turbo cams like crowler or skunk

I might save up and get some nice turbo cams like CROWER or skunk

fixed it for ya :wink:

crower is good and well worth the money, if were still non vtec, i’d say go with 403-T’s from crower, great for HUGE potential and almost decent streetability. if you want REAL power, go with 404’s.

hope that helps.

buy some skunk 2 stg 2’s or jun 3’s and some cam gears, dial out the overlap and you will gain more power than using turbo cams.

I forgot to mention I have cam gears already. I dunno this is just an idea this car still needs to be a daily driver with somewhat decent gas mileage too so I might tone it down a little bit I don’t know. I just want something that will go really go when I want it. The MSD ignition I will be using will have the timing adjustment and so does the S300.

You want a 500 whp daily driver? I’m not versed in turbo but I would tone it down to 300, and lower the compression to save your engine. 500 horse’s is a huge amount of power for the size of that engine. And 300 will be plenty fast to beat that high school kid with the Ricey Civic with the muffler cut off :wink:

I’m not talking just high school kids. I wanna take on z28 camero’s. But from what I have been reading 9:1 is a good compression to go with

you don’t need a inline Walbro fuel pump if you have a intank Walbro fuel pump

and if you want to take Z28’s(13sec car stock) that is a fat chance I have a turbo integ put 200hp to the wheels and it can take any Honda, some Nissans, but it can only hang with American Cars

There is no replacement to displacement some of those cars have 5 liter v8’s agains a four banger with a turbo, but if you add a 50-100hp of Nos I would say you could win

ff cars have to pull the car and FR cars just have to push the car

Well if you are putting 200 at the wheels and can hang with american cars wouldn’t it kinda make sence that maybe 450 to the wheels could take (depending on traction)? Z28 camero’s run maybe high 12’s stock. at least the one I want to take on

That setup will make over 600whp with bigger injectors and a GOOD EMS.(AEM/neptune/hondata/motec/etc.) My personal pick is the AEM EMS. IMHO, the best around. The antilag feature is top-notch. 20+psi without moving, priceless.

LS1’s will run mid 13’s stock.

LT1’s will run low 14’s high/13’s stock.

I run 96# MSD’s and only make a little over 300whp. I have NO problems with most American muscle. ANY STOCK mustang/TA/camaro/vette gets busslengths put on them. The only ones I have some trouble with are '03-'04 cobra’s and zo6’s on the bottle. But they HAVE to be on the bottle.

Ya I will be running the Hondata S300. My goal is low 12’s to low 11’s I don’t think it is going to be too hard though traction will be the issue. I will be running a duel boost setup probably like 10-14 low 18-26 high. Low boost I wanna be able to run 91 octane. High boost I will be running 91 octane with a few gallons of race gas mixed in. Unfortunatly some things have come up so I have a long time befor I will be able to do this :frowning: But after I pay off the Teg (2 months is my goal) and finish up my pilots license. All my money I can will be going to the car about a thousand a month (varies cause I work in a restaraunt) Oh and my Sis wants my family to go on a cruise so there goes 2500 bucks but it’s a week in the bahamas (or however u spell it) so it’s worth it. Anyone have any suggestions on things to change? I will be running a b16 tranny I will probably save up for an LSD also when I do this.

no i think thats a [SIZE=3]priority[/SIZE]with that much power

LSD will be done eventually just don’t know if I will do it right when motor is done or not. This car will be a daily driver for a while rarely seeing the track for now

axles would be a very very very very very… good investment too. probably stage 2’s. also some traction bars.

i pulled on a iroc style z28, i wanna say 90-91, it was the iroc body but new enough to be z28 again, all i have is a LS:

wiseco 8.5:1 pistons
eagle h-beams
dsm 450cc blue tops
dsm 14b
log manifold
front mount
1g dsm bov
walbro 255
eam wideband
jdm b18b block/head/valvetrain (stock)
edt traction bar
custom 2.5" exhaust
ebay dsm o2 housing (atmosphere wg)
xenocron basemap for 10psi with overboost protection and tuned a little rich untill i can get it fine tuned

pulled on the z28, a jag x-type, 06si, '80s somethin firebird w/383 stroker, 04-05 tiburon, and an 06 mustang gt.

i like it, does alright, cant wait to get it fine tuned to pull a couple more ponies out and bump it to 14psi, havin issues with the axles and diff right now, keep twistin axles and the diff doesnt like the torque in first.

oh and i run 92 octane shell v-power ONLY, anything else and my car ran like shit even N/A, sinclair, kicks66… etc can eat one cuz they make my honda into a subie, and not in the good way

look at the dates lol