downpipe help

need help finding a 2.5 downpipe for my turbo’d integra 5 bolt pattern,bought a 3" bout flange to big for the catalytic convertor,ebay only has 3"…local shop exhaust shop wont even attempt it.also my friend cut my 3 inch one to weld a smalled flange but no1 would weld stainless steel… thanxs alot for your time just want to get my car on the road againg!!!

i have a 2.5 dp for sale. email me at

its brand new…

What side is the exhaust housing on? Do you have a Tuffy up there? That’s where I got mine done. I suggest getting a 6" flex pipe on the end with flange to connect to cat. Unless someone has the same manifold, turbo flange the d/p won’t just bolt up. You will have to modify one way or another.

thank you im going to check on the flex pipe… that might work out i didnt even think of that. and i dont think theres a tuffy up here…

i agree, chances are you will to get a custom downpipe made for your specific application. Unless you purchased a kit, most downpipes won’t fit

what kind of manifold are you running? i have one for sale if you see any use for it. info. is in this link: