Drag Manifold on a '92 GSR

Can I keep my a/c and p.s. if I run a Drag Manifold on a B17A?
I found one for about 300, and want to start putting together a kit.
I read that the B17A is the only b-series that you can’t keep a/c with a drag manifold…

i could have kept my a/c,…but i took it out but it will work

do you know what hp/tq you’re putting down?
do you have a kit, or is it custom?

i’m putting 280whp 205 tq

Originally posted by 93B17A
i’m putting 280whp 205 tq
Mind letting your setup out of the bag (here or email?) I’m in the process of collecting parts now, and am interested in what other B17A guys are running. Seems like you’d be running 10+ psi to get those kind of numbers. If you don’t want to say here, you can email me (vtec36@hotmail.com). I’ll keep it a secret :sleep:!

golden eagle sleeves
JE racing pistons 8.8 compression
crower rods
fully balaced bottom end
stainless steal valves
bronze valve guides
skunk2 springs and TI retainers
all new OEM parts
drag 2 kit
RC 440cc injectors
walbro 255 pump
hondata stage 4B
AEM fuel pressure regulator
tanabe racing medallion with no cat
open turbo

Thanks. What psi are you running?

14 psi of boost
50 psi of fuel pressure

Originally posted by 93B17A
14 psi of boost
50 psi of fuel pressure

Daily?! Awesome. Must feel wonderful riding around like that. :smiley:

daily i turn off the avc-r and boost 7 psi, when i turn on my (A) setting it boost 10.5 psi and my (B) setting is set for 14 psi