DSM injectors

I have a 91 talon turbo injectors, I was just wondering if you have to customize this to fit a B18A1 or would it just fit perfectly? About the integra clips in the injectors, would this fit the DSM injectors? or do you have to buy the clips that fit the top of the injectors and solder them to the integra injector clips??

your injector clips will work fine…if you have 92-93 teg you will have to install a 90-91 teg resistor box…
here ya go…

Thank you

great article, just what i was looking for.

what about rail fitment. do they just drop in and torque the rail down or do you have to use spacers?

they drop right in. I reused my old seals so I didn’t need to ‘ream’ them out with the dremel like that write-up says is necessary.

I put a set of ‘reamed’ seals in and they leaked so I put my original ones back in without reaming and the injectors slid right in. If you think about it, the seals have been streched over the factory injectors for how long and have taken a permanent set to that size, stretching them a little more isn’t a big deal.

The hard part was getting the new oring to go into the fuel rail without being pinched. I went through a few sets of rings.