Dump Tube, Side Exit

Okay… This is strictly for pure looks. you know on drag cars or show cars where they have the dump tube exiting out the side of the front bumper. Has anyone done this? If so anyone got pictures? Anyone know the legal issues of this… I kinda want to do this. Please keep flames to a minimum :smiley:

umm didn’t the owner of the yellow integra type r in the sport compact car ultimate street challenge do that? there is a clear pic on the front cover of the issue with the car on the front I think the pic might be on the website. www.sportcompactcarweb.com

it’s been done before on street cars, but i haven’t seen a DA with one yet.

it is not legal because you are venting exhaust gas into the atmosphere without having it first passed through the catalytic convertor. also, i think their is some law requiring the exhaust to exit behind the passenger compartment but i am not totally sure on this. it’s really up to you if you want to take the risk or not. remember, your turbo kit is already not legal so you just draw more attention to yourself.

btw, your setup looks great so far. good luck!