dumptube below oilpan?

i was reading somewhere where i saw that having a dumptube go below the oil pan is more power? Intrested in somone explaining the dynamics on how that works?

Never heard of such a thing. As long as the tube is routed back into the exhaust or outside the engine bay, that should be all that’s needed.

yeah exactly i dont see any kinda power gain from a dumptube i thought it was absolutely rediculous when i ehard

reason behind that theory is because with the dump below the oil pan, its impossible for the turbo to suck the gasses back into the intake stream. if you run a short dump the exhaust gasses stay in the engine bay, and will rob power when they are pulled into the engine

read this…


yeah what SweetChin said.

DA6_Lsvtec: I see someone has been doing there homework. :up: