ebay headlights

anyone buy some from their or would a guy be better off ordering them from an auto store, someone told me to get them from ebay but i hear the quality sucks balls and they ass rape u on shipping. anyone have any suggestions???

are you looking for jdm one pieces or just some aftermarket one pieces>? anyway i got my one pieces off ebay they were yellow and needed cleaned bad and had broken tabs so thats my story of ebay headlights

i mean the 1 peice halo projector headlights

The halo projectors are ugly… Save your money or get better set of headlights.

what would u recommend then???

I’ve had 3 different headlights (if you count the USDMs).

JDM 1 pieces, They look great, Very good quality, The light output is good with OEM bulbs… But everyone has them.

I have right now EbayDM headlights, NON-Halo and NON-Projector’s So they do not have the nipples, Im running Yellow fog light bulbs with a 4300K HID Kit 9004… The light output is great, But it has a nasty scatter and blinds fellow lowered cars, Stock height cars and SUVs/Trucks/Vans have no issues.

With the Ebay ones i have now, If you were to get them and get a HID kit i would recomment getting the 9007 kit…

But yea… Either one of those is what i recommend.

what kind of bulbs those ebay headlights take, i was looking at the black housing and how is the foglight wired up?

my friend has the angel eye projector headlights from ebay … they look aight … but i wouldnt get them because of the bump thing on the lens …

i was kinda thinking about getting the 1 piece black ones from ebay though … what do you think about those … also with the smoked out bumper lights … going on a black teg by the way

Nerfkhat: The foglights are H3, There are 2 wires that are not connected to anything where the wires for the headlights are, They just need to be cut and connected to the fogs… Headlights are meant for 9007, Says it on the lens… I have 9004 HID’s in them now :frowning:

LancerKid: If you are talking about the kind i have, I think it’d look good… I ordered the black housed but they sent me titanium… And my bumper lenses are the smoked ones… (1st picture close up of headlights)

yeah im talking about the same ones as yours … i used to want the angel eye proojector ones till my friend got them and i noticed how ugly they where … so i thought about just the one piece black housing … but those are the smoked out one … i thought they were darker then that … either way im still gonna get them … i like the way your front end looks alot … i’ll post some pics of my friends front when next time he comes over and i have my camera …

^ Yea, I thought the same aswell… When i had the primered ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) 92-93 front bumper i had a set of smoked 92-93 Ebay bumper lights, They were a nice dark tone… But the 90-91’s are almost all clear with a slight tint hint… Oh well…

Don’t get the halo ones. I hear the light output SUCKS even worse than stock 3 pieces, plus they look stupid as hell. I personally like JDMs the best but the ones Darkdb1 posted aren’t that bad, especially with HIDs.

oh ok cuz i was tryin to look at the pictures on eBay of the back of the headlight and it doesnt show anything that i could see that would connect the foglights or even what type of headlight bulb it uses.

Just got my set…the Blk ones

i have the pojector halo with 6000k hid thry r great n the halo looks sik!!!

:english: :english: :english:

what dont u underdtand???


i have the pojector halo with 6000k hid thry r great n the halo looks sik!!!

“Thry” is not a word that I know of, Last time I checked “R” & “N” are letter’s not word’s… Sik is not a actual word either…

It’s not english… I dont know what that language is, Which is why I chose that emoticon (smiley).


what dont u underdtand???

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please tell me that wing isn’t going on the same car as the headlights :gotrice:


that spoiler will NEVER see Teg…

From his other thread. :slight_smile: