ECU, Injectors for my turbo?

Hi and thanks for reading. I recently bought a turbo kit for my integra. Besides cost for installing the turbo kit itself, the mechanic recommends that I get RC Injectors and a Hondata (s100?) ecu. Now I have a 90 integra ls AUTOMATIC so it’d probably be the safest way to go but a lot more expensive (looking at another 900 bucks maybe for ecu and injectors) so I’d be paying 200 to install the kit, 200 more for custom piping (the piping I have is for 94+ integras) and around 800-900 for ecu and injectors and tuning. So it’d be 1200-1300 installation cost + 900 turbo turbo and thats a lot of money for me even though if i HAVE to do this to be safe i will probably. A couple people suggested if I run 5psi with just installation and custom piping (no tuning, ecu, or injectors) I should be fine for now. Do you guys agree, could use as much feedback as possible as this is a big decision. Thanks a lot everyone

You have a 90 teg which is OBD0. Hondata is preuly OBD1. You will ahve to convert to OBD1 first before thinknig about hondata.

What is OBD1 and 0? The mechanic didn’t mention anything about this and I told him my car was stock but if you could tell me more appreciate it thanks

not trying to be mean or anything, but if you dont know the difference between OBD0 and OBD1, you probably arent quite ready for a turbo setup

do more searching like this thread right here there is a reason it was stickyed at the top

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Thank you, I read most of the guide but I still dont quite get everything i’ll try harder God willing

I would focus on doing an auto to manual conversion, because with only 4 gears, you can’t manipulate the power band very well. An Automatic turbo will suck in SOOO many respects, and I’m certain hundreds of other G2IC’ers will agree.

Also, you’ll need to be revving past 4K generally, to build boost pressure. And also, only having 4 tall gears, will really slow the car down. (Compare the B17 transmission gear ratio’s, to the LS auto 4spd tranny.)


OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. There are different formats of this system: ie: OBD 0, 1, and 2. The 90-91 all have OBD 0. While the 92-93 have OBD 1. Converting this system to OBD 1 will have to include many different swaps. Your injectors on your car run whats called “peak and hold” injectors while the 92-93 have saturated injectors. You might want to read up on all of this some more if your considering going turbo. Basic knowledge of your car can go a long way. Hope this helps some.

Thanks a lot everyone, I’ve decided to just sell the turbo kit because I don’t wanna ruin my car, I’ll just save up to buy a manual car and work on that maybe God willing. Thanks again