ECU turbo answers

i just want to make a common thread bout engine management for turbo setup 2nd gens

im looking at ecus atm… because its not really surported that well hondata im not real keen on…

is it possible to turbo a b18a and only use a AFC NEO from apexi???

yes. yes you can, what are your horsepower goals. i wouldn’t recommend using the neo with any really high horsepower applications, just due to the fact you can’t control timing. but, all in all i like the neo on my car. just as long as you have a wide band so you can get a proper tune then you’re golden. but if you really wanted to get timing/afr’s done i would recommend getting turbo edit.

What year is your car?

Im also in Aust, Sydney in fact with a boosted DA. You can run Crome or BRE tuned by locals. Personally, I run BRE since I am OBD0.

If you need the ECU’s locally, I can arrange that too


its a 92 integra

what bout fuel regs can should i get the ones that double the fuel pressure for the boost pressure?

if i ran the avc will i need somethin else to assist with reading turbo pressure and to give me double fuel on boosting???