EF turbo piping fit a DA???

Hey guys tried surching but all I found was Ebay piping kit saying that their kits are interchangable. Found a local selling a complete intercooler and piping kit for $150 obo for a 88-91 Civic. I just want to kno if they are interchangable and if you guys think its a good deal or not? Lmk ill post some pics up…

Looks good.

yea it doesnt look bad but will it work???

should be okay maybe a little modding, but i fit a delsol charge piping with the exception of from the tb to the elbow to the intercooler, b/c his was a stright pipe and ours are a S well most of them

Well the seller tol me that the cold side goes in tge engine bay not thru the frame like how the cold air intakes do on our cars. But imma give it a shot he told me i can have it for $100.

100 bucks is pretty good, id take it, and give it a try, if u have a cool air intake try to use that. might need to cut the bov part of and have it clamped on but, be creative.

Well I picked it up. Got it in today and looks really good actually. I do have a CAI so im not sure what pipe ill use just yet. Now I need to find a exhaust manifold and a few other parts.