EGR valve options

I already replaced this thing many years ago, but now I have the same Code 12. Tried cleaning it. Nothing working.

I can’t find one made for 90-93 Integras anymore. However, the 90-93 Accord version is still made and looks like the same mounting shape. The harness is different but I wonder if splicing would work. Any thoughts on this?

I performed a search on Standard Motor (Products) for 1990-1993 Honda and Acura and came up with these part numbers. I stated the differences based on the pictures provided.

EGV531 - Vacuum port is not bent, and it has two extra tiny holes in the gasket.

EGV577 - No leading wire like OEM, two tiny holes in gasket.

EGV1018 - No leading wire like OEM, vacuum port not bent.

EGV525 - tiny holes in gasket

EGV527 - Harness looks different

EGV1283 - Harness looks different (Used on NSX)

I’m in the same boat as you with the code 12. Gonna try cleaning my EGR valve tomorrow, if that doesn’t work I’m probably just gonna have to nut up and buy myself a new EGR from an Autozone that’s about 30 minutes away because they’re the only location that has one in stock.

Edit: When I get to the junkyard again soon I’ll look into some accord EGR’s too and try to help out with this.
Maybe we can get some side by side comparisons.

Also could it be any of the lines to the EGR or the vacuum pump itself that might be clogged with carbon or would need changing if the EGR has already been swapped out?

You found a place that still has them? DAMN. I swear I was looking all over for a new one.

If they have more than I’ll pick one up for you and shoot it over :call_me_hand:t3:

Cleaned the EGR valve today and no luck. CEL turned back on. Gonna try replacing it, if that doesn’t work… I’ll hit up the junkyard and pull some Accord and DA EGR’s.
I’m hoping it isn’t an issue with the vacuum pump or anything. Have you checked yours?

So I tried looking up possible other problems outside of vacuum lines and other stuff and here’s what I also found. I’ll try this when I’m off this Sunday as well and report back… but what I found is that possibly the lift sensor is stuck open? (How to fix code 12 EGR lift sensor on Honda cars - YouTube)

Thanks. I’ll give this a shot too.

I’m afraid to “pop off” that top part but I think my valve is not stuck. I’m able to move the silver rod so I assume that’s the same thing as what’s underneath the black clamped part.

I’m about to get a vacuum tester to see if that can identify it. I also have the electrical troubleshooting manual so maybe that might provide some further insight. I’m hoping it’s not the ECU but I understand that’s getting old :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Vacuum tester indicated that EGR valve is fine (I did clean it out a few weeks ago). So it looks like its the EGR solenoid that’s faulty. When I removed the vacuum hose from it, there was a lot of white “stuff” around the inside, so perhaps if I’m able to take it apart and clean it out, it would fix the issue.

So far as I can tell, there’s no new replacement for it.

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I bought a solenoid that is about the same size as the OEM one, but was made for multiple Fords/Mazdas. I will try to pigtail this and see if that fixes the problem.

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No luck on my EGR here either still. There’s an auto 91 DB1 that just came into the junkyard near me too. I tried removing the EGR off of it last time but the nut is waaaaaay seized on there as well. I’m gonna head back with better tools to pop it off this weekend. Was planning to clean it and pop it onto my car and see if it changes the problem for me. If not, I’ll try taking it apart and document it. I was thinking of possibly having a faulty solenoid on my end too. Def interested in seeing how it goes for you!

Btw, I also tried swapping out the ECU for a new one I bought last year. That didn’t change anything.

I feel awful about having to cut and spice wires to make parts work though. I’m about $150 in with parts and have no idea if they’ll solve anything.