electric motor assisted turbo??

i was thinking about doing this in order to stop turbo lag and i came up with this article. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FZX/is_n8_v64/ai_21099653

what do you guys think? something that would be useful in our cars, maybe? the motor could somehow be connected to the turbo shaft somehow. i was thinking that the motor engagement could be rigged up to the accelerator pedal. it would click on as soon as the pedal was stepped on, spin the turbo up, and then click off as soon as the engine spools the turbo beyond the electric motor’s rpm range. the process would be repeated during each gear engagement as the electrical motor would reset itself when the accelerator is depressed. maybe get a motor that has a starter type engagement mechanism to stop parasitic power loss?

just an idea i guess. bomb on it all you want!

why not a centrifugal supercharger/turbo hybrid?

somehow rig up a clutch so when the turbo starts spooling faster than the pulleys it’ll disengage? :read:

…hmm the clutch might add a lot of rotating mass however…

i was thinking that i’d be easier to retrofit existing turbo kits this way. seems alot easier…? this idea just popped into my head after reading the supercharger thread and how someone (tegboi?) missed having instant boost…

Don’t turbine wheels spin somewhere on the order of an F1 engine? Are there electric motors in existence that can spin that fast to be of any benefit?

how fast does an f1 car spin upto? there are some small motors that can easily spin upto at least 200,000 rpm. i guess it would depend on the turbo. i read somewhere that quite a few turbos (t3) produce maximum boost at about 150,000-170,000 rpm… i am not that well versed on turbos so i really do not know. i do know that there are quite a few electric motors that spin very fast.

at the very least, i think that something like this could be used to get the car into parcial boost which would help the car achieve full boos sooner.

Who knows then… I was way off in my understanding. I thought I had heard someone talking about turbos spinning around 20,000 RPM.

You’re on your own my friend, I have no idea.


Shit, scratch that… I remember hearing somewhere that they spin at close to 100,000 RPM. I think the 20,000 RPM figure was where they start to have measurable compression.

well i am not sure either, lol!!!

so then getting past 20,000 would yield some sort of benefit? damn, my gramar and word usage has taken a dump as of late!!! :frowning:

look at this!

Interesting concept. basicly with this. full boost wouldnt increase, just come online sooner, right:think:

yes, it would come on at idle or a little over idle

Do you want to be at a stoplight in August heat at full boost? :hmm:

why not? lol. depends on how the assist is set up i guess. just an example.

Why not? Because your interfooler works by convective heat transfer… which requires flow over the fin elements. Sitting there stationary with lots and lots of heat passing through the turbo but no airflow over the interfooler is no bueno.

kabooooooom!!! (insert cool exploding sound that can be made with one’s mouth)

You can accomplish the same thing by using a small turbo to drive the turbine on a larger one can’t you?

i don’t know. seems like that would involve way too much fabrication…?