Engine Rebuilding for Boost with Pics and Story

I stole this 90 teg with 140k from my neighbor a little over a year ago for 200 bucks. It was spraying oil out the back of the engine and he didn’t know why. It turned out to be there were 2 oil seals on the oil filter and this was causing the spray. :roll: After I fixed that I noticed the car was smoking a lot and it was running roughly. I drove it for 500 miles and the timing belt broke. I had never done more than minor work on cars and didn’t know what really to do. I asked my dad as he works at Acura in cali as a tech, he sent be a huge manual and gave me some advice. I pulled the head off the car and there were a couple bent valves and one valve had a hole about the size of a pencil in it. Thought this was the cause of my smoking and why she was running roughly. I purchased a head off a 95 ls with 70k thinking this would cure my problems. Put it all back together and the car ran better but was still smoking like a mother. :mad:

I had 2 other cars at the time and no money to work on the teg so she sat for a while. Then I got this hair up my ass after reading to many posts on people projects and the power they were making to build this car up for a turbo. One problem I had a big car payment and this would take funds.

Fast forward to July I sold my 03 vw gti and started to buy parts for my engine rebuild. :slight_smile:

Parts Bought:
Je 9.1:1 forged pistons
Eagle forged rods
New main bearings
New rod bearings
Arp head studs
Xtreme clutch kit with performance street disc
Xact streetlite flywheel
Water pump
Tie rods
Upper arms with ball joints – not installed yet
Energy Suspension master kit – not installed yet
Walpro 255 fuel pump – not installed yet
Dsm 450cc injectors – not installed yet

It took me and a friend about 7 hours to pull the engine which I thought was good as we are not mechanics although I feel like one now. I sent the head out for a 3 angle valve job and what ever else it needed to be like new. Then sent the crank to be balanced at the same shop. After everything was finished, we threw her back together and she’s running good now. I only have 250 miles on the car and the clutch is very stiff but I like it. Going to drive the car till November and then park for the winter and for more upgrades. I would like to thank my dad and everyone on g2 who has posted anything of use that has helped my rebuild and my desire to boost.

Block and pistons


Engine put together

Nice Work

Good job on the build. Got any pictures of the car itself?

man that looks great. good job.

Why yes I do happen to have some more pics. The car is in decent shape and only has minor dings and some rust which is common for a 14 year old car in this area.


Old Interior

New Interior

good choice on the doodoo brown. whats the rest of your boost setup?

I haven’t bought anything else for the turbo yet as I will be working on it during the winter time. I was thinking a 50/63 with a 57trim. But other than that I am looking to run about 250ish to the wheel daily driven.

Dude, for the love of god, change that intake manifold to at least a 92 and up! Over all, the engine work looks good man; congrats! :rockon:

are those screwdrivers 5mm in diameter and perfectly fit the cam holder holes? ive been meaning to get a pin set but screwdrivers would be better imo unless you can think of other uses. what brand/size?

how much psi are you planning on running daily driven…cause if i was planning on boosting and had already spent that much on the engine id go ahead and get it sleeved…so you can run a nice amount of boost daily driven and think nothing about it…just my opinion. But overall nicely done


fellow MN boost project

Looks good!

The car looks to be in nice shape. Update us when you get done; numbers would be nice… :manual:

:up: nice!

I don’t know the exact measurement of screwdrivers but they fit just right in the holes. They are craftsman phillips #1. I couldn’t find a pin set in mm, I went to three parts places and to sears and they only had standard. :tsk:

if you dont mind my asking how much did the 3 angle valve job, hot tanking and glass beading cost you over all, and the balancing… I am looking to do all that to mine this winter also and buying a turbo in feb.

hey im from MN also where did you get your engine done up at?

The head work and crank balancing were done at Wagmon Brothers in Minneapolis. I had heard they did good work and that is where the local dealer takes their rebuild stuff. The head work was $250 which included new ex guides and seals. The crank balancing was $320, but I also had pistons pressed on the rods and it was ground which cost $75.

Here’s their info if need:

Wagamon Brothers Engine Rebuilders
3719 NE 3rd Street
Columbia Heights, MN
Phone: (612) 789-7227

thanks! what EMS are you going to use with boost?

Thinking about going with zdyne but that’s not concrete may switch for a deal if I can find one. :slight_smile:

turboedit.com these are free or close to