Exhaust Review: Tsudo N-1

I bought the tsudo n-1 style catback awhile ago and alot of people ask what brand it is. It has a very low and deep tone yet hold enough backpressure to provide a significant ammount of acceleration… I would reccomend this for people who dont want to pay 400-500 bucks on a catback…

I have the same one I think. I am not sure if it is the n-1 style. I really like the looks and love the sound. It is nice and deep. Cant hear it at idle or when crusing but when you get to about 4k it starts to open up.

yea well its basicly the same design and shape of stock… the only downer of the exhaust atleast for me is that my car was lowered about 2 1/2" and it dragged and snagged on everything but other than that excellent increase in power and great tone.

Yeah I havent lowered mine yet but I figured that would happen if I went below 2". I am thinking about going about 1.5-1.75". Just have to be careful and really watch the road.

I have the same catback, It’s very nice, nice deep tone, not TOO loud. Solid stainless for a fraction of the price of name brands.

i have a tsudo exhaust and i luv the way it sound but mine just hits everything on the road.

Any pics with the exhaust on?

Check here for some pics

this exhaust would be awesome if it wasnt so round… if it was shaped like OEM or even the flowmaster muffler none of us would have this problem lol… i actually just put a high flow cat on and now it pops quite a bit on deceleration but not like a backfire… those nice soundin one on like the srt-4

What brand cat did you get?

I have this cat back as well. I cant wait to put it on!

i just got an OBX high flow cat… pops like a monster lol…

how big is the canister ? i’ve seen the one on ebay & damn they look hella big…but, i like that clean style it has to it in a way.

Waste of money. My friend has one, has been nothing but trouble. Had to get it welded like 3 times since last summer.

I have had mine on for about 9 months and havent had a problem. It wasnt bought off of ebay though. Did the obx mount to it or did you have to do anything to it. I have time to put it on myself but that is about it. To busy with military, soccer and college.

looks like it’s not centered in the pics…so doesn’t look too nice.

I have had mine for about a year, I like it. The tone is nice and it was cheap. The only problem I had was that I had to adjust the hanger positions twice and you just have to be careful if your car is lowered.

well i needed minor modifacations to make the new cat fit because I have aftermarket headers and the headers are almot 3 inches shorter than stock. If you have stock headers it should fit no problem. What I did to fix the alignment on the bumper was I bought shorter rubber hangers and now it sits perfectly… btw MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR SPRING BOLTS!!lol I learned the hard way, i was doin about 125 on the highway and my hanger popped off… yeaaa lol… it definatly is a sweet exhaust… ill try to post up a sound clip of mine.:rockon:

yeah…do it up…picture of it would be nice also…as much as i loved my HKS…bill just don’t go away…

I would also like to hear a sound clip and see a picture of it fitting correctly. Is it 2.5" inside diameter, or outside diameter? it doesnt specify. I am going turbo and looking for a 2.5-3" ID exhaust. I have a 1990 integra, so I know the pipe will need to be shortened to make it fit since it is for 92-93’s. I have one question though, I have a 1990-1991 tanabe racing medallion mid pipe (one right behing the cat, has the resonator in it), so can I use that and not have to cut anything? thanks!