Exhaust Review: Tsudo N-1

That section has a resonator already unless you really want to use the one have specifically.

I dont think i stated my question clearly. I have a 1990 integra, and this exhaust is for a 1992-1993. 1992-1993 integra’s have longer exhausts than 1990-1991. so I was wondering if the extra length of the 92-93 exhaust is in the midpipe, and if I could solve the problem by using the 90-91 midpipe I already have. I dont really want to cut a new exhaust unless I have to. thanks!

if ur going boost then i wouldnt reccomend it… Too restrictive. And the 2.5" is the inside diameter. I used a calibration meter to check it today… caught a cound clip and a picture I actually have a video but no firewire… ill post them up in a bit…

2.5" inside diameter is supposedly good to 400+ WHP. this is just a street car, so i think it will be fine. I may still get 3" tho. thanks, and that will be sweet when you post the pics and clip!

i have a 90 integra and i bought this off ebay and it bolts right up to the 90-91 cars no problem. put it next to my stock crap on the ground and its the same length so i don’t know why its listed for 92-93. i was worried about it fitting too but figured it could easily be modded to fit. i have a dc ceramic header, stock cat and this cat back and its super quiet, im gonna get a test pipe to open it up more cause its too quiet for me. wondering if it will loose hp do to too little backpressure though.

here goes a pic.

no, test pipe would only free it more so…looks good tho…

so is this exhaust made for 92-92 or 90-91 ?

its listed for a 92-93 but I honestly think its for a 90-91 but whatever it fits and works for me, alittle modifications never bothered me… yea as long as you keep the resonator you should have enough backpressure… and as far as the turbo goes it should be good but I’d run it without a cat bein that your just recirculating the exhaust gases anyway… good luck

up for pics and clip!

I have my scilencer in still. How does it come out? I took the screws out and it still has like a 2nd plate on it or something? would anyone know how to take it out?

It’s a pain in the butt to get out. spray some lube in, then take a screw driver or needle nosers and put them in the holes of the silencers, then all you gotta do is twist, be careful not to bend the crap outta it.

Thanks got it out. Does anyone have a picture with the tsudo exhaust lowerd about 2 1/2 inches?

I am selling my exhaust. If your interested, hit me up a price! Its brand new out of the box, I want a new exhaust so im selling this one.

Im interested, depending on cost. shoot me an email at da_integra_tuner@hotmail.com I’ll send you one in case you dont see this.

come on fellas its a review board… btw for future references… i used a blow torch to get out the silencer i used half a can of WD-40 and some liquid wrench but no luck so i said screw it and used the torch lol… and trust me there is no way your going to be able to drive with this exhaust and a car lowered 2 1/2 inches!! trust me ive tried hahahah it got snagged on every pot hole or manhole cover (thank god for spring bolts!!)

yeah, thats the only reason I havent bought it yet, I’m not sure about the clearance.

chad, how long did you drive around with your car lowerd with the tsudo? and do you have any pictures?

Would you say this exhaust is louder then the RS*R Exmag?

whats up with all this backpressure stuff? i wouldnt buy it due to ChAdwick saying it has backpressure. As Mike Kojima (author of Honda/Acura Performance) said in his book, the best exhaust has the least amount of backpressure. Many car “guru’s” say a car needs backpressure to have good accerlation or else the car will be sluggish but they are wrong. A car doesnt need backpressure it needs the velocity to scavenge the gas that is coming out of the motor and into the pipe. With a pipe that is oversized there isnt a strong velocity coming out and thus the sluggish acceleration. Mike Kojima has been in the scene longer than most people and is a respectable sorce of information. If you do not believe me at all then i suggest buying his book and Learn a thing or two from this guy and stop spreading “a car needs backpressure to have good acceleration” around the web.

Mike Kojima is also the editor of Sport Compact Magazine. CTRL+F and type “guru” and read.


Is the Tusdo exhaust a cheap copy of the Greddy SP2? it looks just like the tip of that exhaust