First time turbo

I kinda new to turbo charging, my last car I kept all motor, but I want to make some decent power with my new teg. Im aiming for 200hp or a little more, nothing crazy as this will be my daily driver, I just want something “faster” and “more Fun” to drive. So here is my question, If I go for lets say no more than 10 psi, will prob. settle with 7-9psi, will I need to upgrade the fuel and or the igntion system, I read that the honda fuel system was good up to like 400hp and that the ignition would be able to keep up. I don’t really have alot of cash right now so I was wondering would it be allright to run a turbo at low boost if I put high octane gas in and retarded the timing and had it tuned somewhere, so I won’t have to buy all the expensive computer mods. Or is there a easir and cheaper way to go about this, I know my motor i still good, it still only has 83K miles on it.

have you searched? try reading this first, it should get you started.

Yes acually, I have been reading it for a good hour or so, but it didn’t really answere my question of whether or not I needed full engine managment with a low boost level. I was hoping I could just run low boost and retard the igntion, enough not to detonate, till I graduated from college and had some money.

Any boost level you need a fuel management, whether if it’s a piggyback system or turboedit/uberdata. Fuel enrichment is the key and I believe it’s better to run a chipped ECU program like turboedit.

K thanx, I was looking at the Turboedit for managment, the only problem with that is, I have no idea what I need, and how to use it. Also the nearest dyno is about 2 hours away in either direction. So would I be able to tune the program myself. Sorry for being such a newb but I have no idea about this chip burning. Do they sell chips that are allready set up for boost¿

not alot of cash

how much do u think ur goin to spend. are u goin junkyard style setup or buy everything brand new.

I was planning on going for maybe 1k or a little over. I don’t plan on going junkyard, I want to do this the right way but spend as little cash as possible. I can get a new turbo for $35 bucks a turbo mani for about $200 and then that just leaves the intercooler $124, piping, oil supply, and then the big part, engine managment. I was just wondering if I could get away with 10psi and not upgrade everything, use a check valve for the MAP sensor and just run low boost with ignition retarded and high octane. I would feel much safer if I had some kind of engine managment, like Turboedit but I have no idea what all I need for it and how to use it plus I don’t have a dyno around where I live and I dno’t have the cahs for a wide band a/f. Does anyone sell a chip that is allready programed to run with boost for our cars¿

Send me an email with all your questions about TurboEdit/Fuel Management and we’ll get you setup :wink:

get me a turbo to for that price

Integra_hot, I will see what I can do, he wants $75 for this one but if I tell him he can do a burnout with my car once it is up and running he will sell it to me $35 but since he lives about 1.5-2 hours away I doubt he will ever get the chance, plus I doubt I will have this thing running before winter it will probably be done by the spring hopefully.

Ok I have just one more question, the turbo im getting has a (or so he says) internal waste gate of 12 psi. With proper tuning would it be ok to run my motor at this level of boost, or can I find a spring to lower the PSI down to around 9 or so psi.