FMAX kit on92RS??

Does anybody have any pics of these kits on the car. Im curious how the intercooler piping is done. Im removing AC and want my charge pipe to run straight down where the AC is instead of wrapping up by the battery like the drag kit.

I had a FMAX kit on my GSR turbo and this is the way it was done. Just wondering if its the same on the g2.
pics at

I just installed an FMAX kit on my car but i didnt order the intercooler kit. I just ordered the turbo, downpipe, manifold, dumptube and TIAL wastegate. I fabricated my own pipes. I originayy had the turbo compressor facing down and my pipes were under the radiator but that did not work too well so I turned the turbo facing up and ran my pipes over the battery an up the intake. Ill try and take pics and post them.