for all those who autocross

I’m tired of getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis by civic’s, focus’s, sentra’s and just about every other car that is in STS. i’ve been autocrossing for over 4 years now and at first i was using my dad’s 73 Chevy Vega. When I was using the Vega, i was always first or second in my class, so I’m pretty confident that it isn’t my ability to drive that is making me a bottom feeder in my integra. So far, I’ve put on front and rear suspension techniques sway bars, an energy suspension bushing kit, CAI, and i threw some falken azenis sports on my steel wheels. What else would y’all recommend doing so that I don’t keep getting my ass kicked. Keep it in the under $1000 range too. All comments are welcome. Thanks.

I’ve done the same on my 91 LS too. So far my biggest comp. is those pesky Proteges’ . In my oppinion my next $1k is going for konis w/ Eibach coilovers.
How do you like the ST rear bar. Im runing the Progress Group 22 mm and it is stiff as a rock. Love it love it love it.

more torque :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

ditch the stock wheels in favor of some rota 15x7 slipstreams.

what shocks do you have? id suggest koni yellows, tokico illuminas or kyb agx’s with skunk2 coilovers or ground control coilovers 450 front 350 rear.

learn to drive the car with the above setup and you will be plenty fast, then up grade the exaust and header.

I think that the DA is a great STS car. I agree with what Type S said about getting some bigger wheels. Also, what are your alignment settings?

I would agree on bigger wheels and I have Koni Yellows on my car with some eibach pro kit springs. Up here in MN I can keep with people in STS… And last year that was on all season tires as well. This year Im running bigger rims and better tires. So I guess I will have to see…


If you are attending may events with this car and are serious about this sport then your teg only needs suspension and light sticky tires. Pro-kit Eibach are a minor spring upgrade (street only). Sportline springs are much stiffer (track and street) finally you can order Eibach Road Race springs. If you want to win get these!! You must also get adjustable struts. KYB AGX are affordable as are Tokico Illumina’s. You already changed the bushings which is a major improvement on an older ride. (I’m doing mine shortly). The last spring to consider is Eibach coil-overs. Talk with their tech dept for advice as I don’t kmow the stiffness rating on these. Remember… when the car doesn’t dive in the corners you’ll be getting far better times. I have used the Apex coils on my 00 GS-R (also highly recommended). They are super stiff. After you get a feel for the suspension then look at light 15" rims 9-10 lbs max. Get serious R compound tires and use them only for the track. Your car is quick! I have seen stock b18 teg’s clean up at autocross events with the above setup. To keep in an unmodified class get a 92-93 OEM 4-2-1 exhaust manifold. Cheap HP gain. Put your heatshield back on and knowone will know!!! Ensure stock motor is tuned well. Later! Ride hard. P.S. (I have autocrossed for about 3-4 years and love the sport! I havn’t done it for a while but I might do couple events this year) Jeff Burlington On Canada

Take off your front sway bar, and go back to the stock sway. Also, adjustable struts will work wonders for the balance of the car. Oh yeah, get a good alignment with some negative camber (-1 to -2.5 degrees or so)

He’s in STS.

I’ve been looking into getting a set of Koni yellow’s and ground controls. I just want to save up a little more before going and spending that much money. I would change the camber on my car but i really don’t want to go through a new set of tires every year. How quick do the tires seem to wear at a couple degrees? Also, I think I’m going to remove the front sway bar sometime this weekend because i’m understeering like none other. I think I can probably finish off this season on my current set of azenis’s, but then i’ll be upgrading to larger/lighter wheels next year. Thanks for all the input from everyone.

If you’re going to be getting a set of Konis, maybe look into getting a set of Konis that were developed by Neuspeed for the EF(89-91 Civic). I heard that they were slightly shorter than the standard Konis which would give you more travel. As far as the camber, I think that excessive toe wears out tires faster than excessive camber. I’m running about -3 degrees Front and about -2.5 degrees rear on my Integra right now. I can’t remember the toe settings off the top of my head, but I’ll post them tonight. Anyway, the tire wear isn’t too bad. On my other Integra, I ran about -2 degrees of camber for about a year and never saw any camber wear on my tires.

Do the Neuspeed/Koni’s bolt right up to our cars, or do they need to be modified?

The EF shocks should just bolt right in. If modification was required, like changing the front forks to get DC(94+ Integra) shocks to fit, it wouldn’t be legal for STS. I’m actually thinking about running the Neuspeed Konis in my non-autox car. But then again, since it doesn’t have to be STS legal, the possibilities are endless.

great info man. now, do you know of any place that sells them for fairly cheap?. the best i can find are all right around 300 bucks. also, what springs would you recommend getting?

buy a 89si hatch and swap all your suspension stuff over. really. Hell, maybe get an 88STD or DX and do an Si swap (assuming the update rule still works).

IMO tegs are just too heavy and underpowered to be really competitive in STS. The si may be underpowered like the teg but it is much lighter.

I know roldan will disagree with me here cause he does well with his 93LS is STS but hes a really really good driver.

BTW, if you are running stock springs/shocks you NEED to upgrade. and I would (did too) go with some coilovers and konis.


As Ben predicted I will state that a DA integra can be a competitive STS car. The suspensions of a EF Si and a DA integra are almost identical. The difference in the cars is one is more nimble and the other is more powerfull. No one has taken the time to setup an optimal DA ('92 RS). The DA may even have more potential now that update/backdate has ended for STS.

For your suspension you’re best off getting coilovers and shocks, I’ve been using AGX. AGX is kinda the minumum you want to do for shocks. Also from what I’ve heard of rules interpretaions the front forks are part of the shocks and therefore can be changed for DC/EG forks. Excessive tire wear is caused by toe not camber as was said earlier. Especially if you’re using your autoX tires on the street.

Tire Sizes: Before my car became dissabled I ran 14" and 15" Azenis at PIR. The 15" tires felt a lot better and my best lap time was 2 seconds faster with them. However, I had great success in my 1st STS season with the 14" tires.

I’ve been looking at getting new shocks and springs since probably November but I just havn’t had the money to buy anything. But, now that I do, I think I’ll probably be getting Koni yellow’s with Ground Control’s. Do y’all think getting the Neuspeed/Koni’s with the 20mm shorter shaft is worth getting over the normal Koni Yellow’s? Also, I know this is going to probably be a really dumb question, but I need to get an camber kit or something to give myself some negative camber, right? Thanks again for all the advice everyone has already given.

I’m not sure where you can find the best deal on these. I only started looking into them recently. I am running Tein SS coilovers on my STS integra with 508F/559R spring rates. I have heard nothing but good things about the ground control/Koni setup and it seems to be what most people are running.
Ben, I think that the DA is comparable if not better than an EF hatch as an STS car. I have been able to do pretty well against some of the top STS drivers at the national level in my 93 RS and I don’t think that I’m that good of a driver(only been autoxing for about a year and a half). I think that if my car(which still has some room for improvements) was driven by a better driver at the national events that I’ve been to, they probably could have won.

Nino, I just upgraded to Ground Controls made for Koni and what a difference its made. Great kit :up:

Progress rear sway, adjustable struts (example: Tokico Illuminas with the front on one and the rear on five), and roughly 2.5 degrees of camber in the front and 1.5 in rear, mabie a little more depending on the tires you run. This setup in my car was very competitive in my area in STS, DSP, and SM. Ive taken my class in SM and DSP for different seasons. Ive had good luck with Nitto 555R drag radials, but the ones I had have been discontinued (45 series). Ive always raced with 94 95 gsr wheels. The last setup I used was the latest from Khumo. The 710’s in a 225-45-15. Cant say enough about this tire. I ran my car for 6 seasons and every year I ran the car with the exception of my first year I placed top in my class. I also watched times of lots of other cars that outclassed me by a mile and depending on the course was competitive. Ive been within a second of a badass 02 M3 that had him kicking the tires and asking me wtf? Getting your car cornerweighted makes a huge difference as well. The thing that makes the biggest difference is seatime. Dont give up on the teggy, it can be very competitive if setup correctly. Best of luck!