fuel pump

i wanna replace my fuel pump for my turboed 92 teg so i can run more boost and a friend of mine gave me a fuel pump one off a 99 gst ecplise… said it would fit nicely and work well just curious if anyone else is runnin or using this and if what he said was correct and will fit?

Have no idea

If this fuel pump would fit/work. But, I would go and purchase a walbro 255 LPH unit. You know that it will be good, and that it works, plus it will be new. It’s not fun dropping the tank, especially when they generally fail with the tank Full. This way you’ll have piece of mind. Or you can try and install it. Up to you. GL

i’d get a walbro.

as for your question though i have no idea if it’ll fit. how much does it flow?