Full Race B18A Kits...

Hey everyone, new to the forums. I picked myself up a 93’ Teg LS for a good price with low miles. I want to keep my A/C & P/S, so I started searching. I have come to the conclusion of wanting the Full-Race Pro Street A/C Stage-1kit. Few questions, though.

http://www.full-race.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_143_45&products_id=36 (Link to kit)

1-On a good tune, how much boost is the stock B18 capable of without damage/detonation?
2-Will the T3/T04E turbo be good for daily-driving without alot of lag?
3-I want at least 250whp. I don’t want to set my standards really high, I would like more, but I’m trying to think logically.
4-Would you reccommend an aftermarket igniton to enhance the spark along with colder plugs?
5-If I run Hondata, will it accomodate the A/C? Or, should I do an SAFC or EManage?

These are the questions that have me stumped. I have been reading and searching on the forums, and guys that have used a couple of different setups on the stock B18A say that the T3 Super-60 is a better turbo vs the
T3/T4 due to the amount of lag. Please help me out guys. I want to keep my car a reliable and comfortable daily-driver with alot better power. I’m not going for all-out numbers, just want more spirited driving when I feel like it.


All those questions are here if you search…

1 - 250 whp is fine
2 - Yes
3 - Is this a question?
4 - No in ignition, yes on plugs
5 - Crome, Uberdata, Neptune, Hondata will all work fine with your A/C

im about to say exactly what xenocron just told you so you don’t even have to read my post. :stuck_out_tongue:
1- you could have well over 250whp with a good tune assuming your motor is in good shape.
2- there shouldn’t be much lag, but the greddy kit uses a smaller turbo that would still get you 250hp and for much cheaper.
3- set your hp goals before picking your turbo.
4- ignition boxes like msd are baddddddddd, colder plugs are goodddddd.
5- and since you’re obd1 you can use aem ems if you want too. piggybacks like safc and e-manage are badddddd.

turbo kit part out


Thanks for the replies, guys. The entire purpose of asking the questions were because I haven’t ever really tuned or played with non-Vtec motors. Thats why I was skeptical. I want something that I can have fun in without the cost of an entire swap. Thanks for the input. I won’t ask stupid questions again.

When u are considering turbo size, u also need to consider the difference in power.

i have ridden in many different turbo LS’s, ive built about 5 kits.

For a long time i had a 42/48 at 10 psi 5 psi at 2800, 10 psi at 3400. It was fast but about as fast as the super 60 on 7 (a kit i built). Then i put a huge turbo on my friends car, Turbonectics T3/t4e 60/63 with stage 5 wheel. full spool at about 4000 or so, but it was about 15 psi on the super 60.

Just think how u will sacrifice with less lag and less power.

All these numbres are from my Butt Dyno (lol)

why are cold plugs better?

i have iridium plugs
and msd external blaster ss coil
and nology hotwires
is this bad?

stock wires, and coil can handle as much power as you can throw at them. most people use ngk copper(basic) plugs. i think generally people go 2 steps colder.