G2 meets in Nor Cal

Hey im new to the g2 scene and im loving it so far, but i was searching for hangouts in the sacramento area and found none so i was hoping to maybe start a meet in the sac area.

so we have decided that we are goona meet at the rocklin sonic burger on june 13th around six.

if i can get everyone that i intrested tell me i can add you on a list so we can do this!

anyone intrested?

i would but its a little far for me bro

thanks for the feedback is there any g2 people around my area? cuz i have heard about the meets farther up north but im still in high school and dont got that kinda time. :slight_smile:

There’s not many active sacramento people… There used to be afew years ago.

I’m like 1 1/2 hours from Sac. Its kinda far for a meet but if we had enough interested members, I’d be there. Theres a few other members up here(near Chico) but I haven’t met any of them yet.:shrug: maybe we could set up a meet in marysville/yuba city?

marysville would be pretty cool. would anyone else be down for a marysville meet? i would be down for that cuz im tired of meeting up with the kids at my school that dont know s*** about cars.

I don’t know if anyone else would be down. We could set up a meet and see what the turnout is going to be. If nobody wants to go, we could just cancel it. I guess its worth a shot. I’ve been wanting to go to a g2ic meet ever since I found this site but the closest one is over 3 hours away so I’ve never wanted to make the drive. Lets get this going!

sweet finally someone wants to do this. when would you wana get this going? im open for the next couple weekends.

I would say at least put the meet out a month or so to give people time to find out about it and decide if they want to go.

sounds great lovin this idea. hopefully get a good turn out.

Anyone been intrested in this meet?

lol lol lol… honda ppl holla
NorCal / Sacramento Mini-Meet thread… set em’ up for weekly meets…
wtf is there to do in Sacramento, CA

I’d be down to meet. I’m in Folsom. My g2s stock though. I’d like to see what everyone else is rockin on their das for inspiration though

Yuba City > Marysville

Any good meet spots in Yuba City? I’ve only driven through it a couple of times.

alot of times its at In-n-Out but there is bunch of high school ricer at Sam Club. haha

Sonic’s is a awesome place too.

There’s a Sonics in Yuba City? :shock: I’m down for a meet there anytime.

why dont we meet @ sonic in roseville?

yup, but its not as big as you think, there is a parking lot open at sonics where nobody ever park, near the drive-in.