Gas milage w/ turbo?

Okay, if you havent figured it out yet, My main priority is gas milage. Does anybody know about what kind of gas milage I would get with:

Factory B18A1
T25 turbo @7psi
DSM 450’s
Walbro 255lph pump
tuned with Apex S-afc

B18A bored to 84.5mm, 10.2:1 comp ratio
T25 turbo @14psi
DSM 450’s
walbro 255lph pump
tuned w/ apex s-afc

Now the 14psi set-up on a hondata? Any estimate is greatly appriciated. Assumeing the driver drives like the person who doesn’t care about performance, never over 75% throttle.

Realy, if i’s tuned well. It shouldn’t be any worse gas mileage then before… and you’ll prolly actucally prolly have better gasmileage witht eh higher boost setup since hondata is way better to fine tune things unlike the AFC hack

Yea, I gotcha. So you think that I will still get like 30mpg with the turbo at 14psi. Even with it bored to 84.5mm and compression bumped to 10.2:1? (aka 2.0L motor with 10.2:1)

if you are going to boost to 14psi in a 10.2 motor, youre going to blow your shit up if you only have the SAFC. get some 8.5-9.5 pistons

Right, my mistake. It will be weisco fordged pistons (84.5mm bore w/ 10.2:1 compression ratio). It will also have crower econo rods and darton sleeves. Hondata will tune the tiny T25 turbo. If I do this, I will be running the HKS exaust manifold, a 30x4x2.25" intercooler with 2" piping and a HKS BOV. It will have a 2.5" downpipe, with a 2 1/4" exaust with a ES tuning muffler and a factory tip(s). My goal is to have the motor as reliable as the stock B18A1, but with the turbo and some more power along with excellant gas milage. The cars main purpose is a daily driver.

sta with 2.5" all the way back… the stock tips are a bit small tho. it’d work but kinda restricting power.

ya most definetly stat 2.5" all the way back…

ALso you will definetly be running that little T25 out of breath with a 2.0 @ 10.2:1 SCR Those (Im assuming 2G dsm) were run on a similar bore but with 8.5:1 SCR and they ran out of breath on stock cars!!! This is at 14psi ofcourse.

Not trying to make a turbo monster, Just trying to make the car run smooth, fast, reliable, and ecenomical. Hell if it was all about power I would say flip the 2.5, go 3" with a T4/T03 turbo.

Seriously… I would buy an older civic and then boost the shit out of the integra to have fun with.

Turbo and reliable daily driver dont really go together well. And if you are the type of person who can really make that combo work well, you have no need to be posting here. You are too busy being chief mechanic on the nascar circuit.

BTW, I get 30-32 highway miles on my stock turbo b18a, 13 psi. When everything is running tip top.

See, I just make $50 a week, and I don’t have $$ to aford a car that is consistantly breaking down. This auto-5spd conversion is killing me now.

I’d hold off on the turbo for now.

Problem is, the sports car of choice is at my high school is a Mustang, second is Comaro (sp), and third is a freaken civic. I am tired of staying a bus leingth behind at the drag strip (not the civics). I seriously need to do something. I don’t want to waste cash on a header, and Intake if I am going to turbo later. Ya know what I’m saying? The V8’s are killing me. I need a low 14 high 13 second car.

Get ready to spend $5k then.

Thats only…um…100 more weeks to go! Woot!

And it doesnt stop there. You will continually need to upgrade things. A turbo is not a bolt on…especially on a 11-14 year old car.

Not counting 30 a week for insurence, and 10 a week for gas. so 10 a week 5000 bucks, so 500 weeks and I sould have it. Thats only like 9 years. Thats not so bad. No, j/k. I’m about to start at best buy. welcome to the tripple diget paychecks :dance: .

Get some rich friend to boost his car. Pick out all his parts and help him install it to learn and make mistakes on.

Then, once you have learned on someone elses ride…you should be able to do it on a much smaller budget and make less mistakes.

Hmmm, not a bad idea. I might just go B16A w/ bolt ons, but ya know, why spend $3000 for a B16A w/ bolt ons and get a low 15,high 14, when I can spend $5000, have a rebuilt motor w/ nice turbo set-up, and turn consistant 13’s.

3000 for b16 swap and bolt ons? howy it’s no where near that expensive. I’ve bought and sold numerous b16 swaps with tranny for about 1500-1800CDN, that’s like 1000-1300 or so in US funds. I cannot see bolt ons costing another 1700US

USDM B16A3 motor (55k) $550
JDM J1 LSD cbl tranny (mint) $500
Shave flywheel/ resurface $75
Autozone clutch (free replacement)
Cam plug, thermostat, v/c gas $75
Plugs, wires, cap and rotor $100
0bd-0-obd-1 harness $200
Obd-1 B16A ECU (p–?) $100
ES mount inserts $35
USED Jun 4-1 header $225
CTR Cams, v/s, retainers, $1000
OE t-belt kit $175

I already have a exaust I am in love with. 99.8whp all stock with auto, then 102.1 whp after exaust. Real whp w/ no other mods. All for less than $350

The J1 never came with LSD. Only some option JDM Y1… I think that was the code.

You get the point. B16A short gear cable tranny with LSD.