gas mileage?

How has your gas mileage been affected now that you have gone turbo? Have you seen a massive decrease when driving and you arent beating the shit out of it (on the rare occasions that does happen)? I was just wondering what i can expect as far as this is concerned, i know it varies from engine to engine and setup to setup, but i wasnt sure if driving out of boost when im not having fun would have close to the same of what it has n/a
please discuss your thoughts

If it’s tuned right you should get very similar gas mileage when not in boost. However, it’s going to suck really bad if you’re in boost alot.

I still get 270 miles from a full tank…Even after boostin my Teg…Also even with 450cc injectors and a 255 walboro fuel pump. I was worried at first…But after a few long trips going easy, she still gets the same milage from a full tank as before boost…I am happy…

what kind of motor are you running? 270 isnt bad, but right now im gettin 315+ on a full tank

I also used to get over 315 highway miles on a tank of gas. My last trip I got around 280 highway miles on a full tank, and I was boosting a bunch.

WOW…I don’t let her get to close to the EMPTY stage…So 270 for my B18 Non VTec is good for me…When I have let her get down low on gas I hear the Walboro Pump making some noises that I don’t like to hear…LOL

But on the other hand…315+ is great and would be great for me…I will have to see what happens on my trip to Moroso on Dec. 11th…It is about 3 hours away…Give or take like 180 miles…One way. So I will test her out that day…

yeah, i here when turbo you dont want it to get that low, no gas=nothing to the engine=BOOM!

When I drove my Teg from Ohio to Arizona in 2 days, for over 400 miles to the gallon, surprisin that she didnt fall apart in a heat of 2 days in the summer time !! its a 91 BTW

its not that bad ull notice alittle bit of a decrease but not to much

if u have a stand alone fuel system like hondata u shouldnt have to worry about low gas tanks lol but dont completly run it out of gas thats retarded. fill up when u have cash

Damn bro, that would be like 4800 miles to the tank. Tell me your secret.