Going turbo.. upgrade fuel pump?

I tiried searching but came up with nothing. Do most you turbo guys upgrade your fuel pump? How much boost/hp is the stock fuel pump capable of handling?

I would upgrade it to be safe. Dont short yourself on something as important as fuel delivery. I have heard of people using the stock fuel pump but the majority of setups ive seen all have upgraded pumps.



thanks ive been wondering this… a walbro 255 is only like 90 new anyways

got 9 pounds here, stock FPR,450cc no fuel pump upgrade. This maybe is the fastest you can go…

thanks for the input typrwhiteteg93

I would be safe spend the few extra bucks and upgrade fuel pump and FPR just to be on the safe side. My .02


450ccs, stock everything, 10# LS on a GT28E

just curious… what size are the inlet/outlet and what type of dp flange does ur gt28e have?

the flanges were all nonstandard 4/5bolts…so I just welded on t3 flange over themm =p.

.60/.80 ar, perfect for the b18b, maybe n even bigger engine like the c

3" inlet/2" outlet on compressor side?

That sounds about right, but I cant measure it for sure right now…2" outlet for sure, i think 3inch maybe a little bigger inlet …

pictures here I think

Everyone says get the 255lph. Yeah, they use those on cars making upwards of 600whp. If you’d like to conserve some money, just get their 190lph and some DSM 450cc blue tops, $100 through ebay.

but 190lph walbro is the same price as the 255lph. last i checked both are $90. :shrug: also dsm injectors should be more like $40-50.
edit: o snap. ny? ur pretty close i think. im right over the ct border.

I’m talking intake though. and the install kit too. When I looked the 190 is less then the 255. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, lol.