goldenls's b16a (slow) rebuild/swap

hi guys i bought this jdm b16 block for dirt cheap with everything included in the bottom end.the cylinder walls are in good shape but need to be cleaned and the block has no defects so its definitly worth it. next week i am sending the block to the machine shop to have the cylinder walls cherry bushed and the gonna install hastings piston rings and rod bearings.
i have a b16 head with stock cams and internals for now. when it gets back ill start putting it back together and hopefully drop it into my 1990 acura integra ls
this will just be a normal rebuild because im on a low budget but want something better than a stock ls( i want vtec and revability to 8k). so the b16 will satisfy my needs…for now:up:

i need a garage lol i know

look at the oil burnigh lol

o and i got a zdyne one wire vtec pr4 converted b16a hopefully it will run nice.

heres my compression and displacement according to zealworks

comments and imputs are welcome guys thats why i put it out there lol.

remember you guys are the ones who inspire these da owners

Nice. Id love to see if finished :slight_smile: Gl with the build.

i got a couple of pics of the auto to manual swap we did back in october for you guys

auto to manual

heres the auto to manual swap we did back in oct 09

heres the 170,000 b18a1 motor that seems to still run like a champ except for the valve ticking nonsense.

sorry but shes gotta go soon. im given the car a complete sex change lol shes gonna be a real man without the torque down below haha corny i know:angel:

Good luck on the build. You should definately have more fun with that motor than the stock a1. I can’t believe you’re doing it all without a garage. My girlfriend would kill me if I brought my greasy engine work inside.

Lol trust me she wants to lol.

sweet, in for progress

thx guys

just moved all my stuff down into a workshop better than a kitchen lol.i also bought a engine stand and wanted to see how the motor looked together lol.

i also ordered b16 arp headstuds and a oil baffle pan i was missing from a member of honda-tech and got the bolts and water outlet i was missing from the head from dalejrfan88 thanks dude. they should be in by the end of the week. ill keep you guys posted.

hey guys do you think i should go to a shop and get the cylinders deglazed or should i just do it myself. the guy at the machine shop said it looks ok just needs to be cleaned.

ok guys so i did my own de-glazing on the cylinders its my first time so comments and constructive critisism:angel:

Good job so far!

thanks dude hey which rod bearings should i buy acl or king race bearings and should i get arp rod bolts for insurance purposes or is it not needed in a b16

looks good for a newbie…lol no for real great job

looks like you went a little too harsh on the honing, did you drip oil down the cylinder walls while you were honing it?

no i coated it pretty well but didnt drip it

another honey beige brother. right on