Gonna Try to Paint the tails red !!

Sup Guys … I am a PROUD owner of a 1993 Acura Integra Rs Four Door…
i was wounderin what i could do to the tail lights … nuthin to gay or ricey , so i came across this http://www.homemadeturbo.com/tech_projects/taillights/index.html … what do you guys think … think it will look good on a R-72P - Torino Red Pearl Clearcoat???.. ALSO do you guys know where i can get the info on to how to do this … Thanks Guys

solid write up tthat guy has. I did the exact same thing like 4 months ago with the same paint. I painted the amber half of my tails red, and left the bottom the same red, and reverse light clear. It looks bad@$$ on a red g2 like mine with all red tails :rockon:

same color car i have, i bet that would look HOT

so what did u have to do to the stock tails… did you sand them down to clear ?? or just paint over it

and how will the finish product look… any one got any pictures of this… on a 4 door?!?

i will have pics next week maybe…as soon as mine come in…i just bought a set off ‘ojrapedmyfather’ on this board. search for the f/s thread, there are pics in there although its on a white car, and goin on my green 4 dr.

nice man nice… thanks guys

or all red taillights like this?

my current car

my old red one

i like the way it looks on the black…maybe the contrast, but iunno if i like it as much on the red rs. Am I the only one?

No man i think your right … cause it looks better on a dark colour man … nice black teg man :bowdown: :bowdown:

Looks nice, but how do you get away with no reverse light? I guess you could convert the rear hatch brake light to a reverse light, lol.

:shock: black teggy looks cleannnnnnnn :shock:

I think the red looks good, though I’m not sure if I like it all red. Personally I think it’s just a little too much, as well as it does affect the reverse lights, like Sam said. I just went with the 1/2 red 1/2 clear setup (and blue reverse lights, lol). What do you think?

Just my 2 cents worth. The all red tails on the other cars look hot though none the less! Nothin really ricey, but different then stock.

  • Kevin


nothing beats stock


that all red looks like complete ass, imagine the black teggie above with its stock tails, MUCH cleaner…if you want half red/half clear then go buy some 90-91 tails, they come like that stock and arent gonna need constant touch ups (which you WILL have to do trust me)

not mine, i used vinyl red tint, so no touch ups, and it takes very little time to do.

heres what I did: sanded down stock with 400, tape off reverse area real clean, spray with transparent paint, hit with 600, then 1-3 coats laquer :up:

I don’t like the red so much either. But hey that’s just my opinion. The best tails I’ve seen for these cars is 92-93 cleared. No pink lines like 90-91. Just clear and red, and still looks very stock, very clean. This is just my opinion.

not mine, i used vinyl red tint, so no touch ups, and it takes very little time to do.

yeah, i’m sure it still looks like ass and vinyl can just as easy be removed, tear, etc.

^ thats just ur opinion.

sure it can easily be removed, which means i can change my mind ne time. It doesnt tear at all. There is no flaws with Vinyl tint, its consistent throughtout the tailight.

where did you get the red vinyl tint ?? can you jus get it at kragen or any automotive shop ?? or did you go to like some sort of hobby shop?

My old teg lights were like that, cops loved me. I just removed all the red paint today with thinner. Although I did love the look, but I’m wondering if i did that again , but keep the back up lights clear