Got a wierd turbo!?!?

Hey i bought a turbo made by schwitzer from a guy for 40 bux today. I think the model a Schwitzer S2A, and i believe its a T3. Does anybody know anything about these turbos? I personally have never heard much about them.

the S2A is a replacement for a T04

hmm anyone else know anything about it? Apparently it has floating bearings or somethin. Is that a good thing?

If you post the turbo part # I can look it up and tell more about it.
the part # should be 11 numbers and start with a 535, or 532

Does this help any??

bump… apparently this turbo has a t25 flange, not a t3…

Sorry bro I did a little digging, but came up empty.

thanks for trying man! I apreciate it

its an old school BORG WARNER S2OO series turbo check I know the 740 volvo had a s2a