great turbo deal!!!

i have a b16a1 swap so u kno…ok so my friend has a 96 eclipse gsx and is gettin a bigger turbo and intercooler and all that and he said he would sell me his stock turbo all his flex piping the bov and the stock intercooler for 150 bucks. so i was thinkin instead of buyin my intake manifold and throttle body (since i havnt ordered it yet but was goin to this week) i would buy this package from him and get whatever else i need and run like 6-7psi.

So im tryin to figure out what else i need…
manuel boost control
oil lines
turbo manifold ← idk what the hell will fit my b16a1 swap
what else do i need to complete the set up and does anybody have any tips and or problems i might face?? thanks!!!

well, by a real front mount intercooler from
buy a b series manifold from some1 on (CSaddict made mine)–be sure to tell them DSM flange
buy a blow off valve from Ebay or where ever u want to, ebay ones do suck if u want an easy install.
IC piping isnt made for our cars so u will need to get some mandrel bends and make ur own.
U will also need oil DSM oil lines for B series

U cant forget injectors and a tune–if u dont have this figured out dont even think about turbo.

150 isnt that great of a deal. Also check the turbo out before u even buy it, it might be blown. U dont want the side mount or the Flexpipe.

Offer him like 75-100 at most

yeah i agree stock eclipse turbos arent worth much at all, check the exhaust housing those turbos are prone to cracking, you can get a T3 outta the junkyard for around a $100 and probably make your life easier…just my .02 and the sidemount is trash dont even bother with it…ull never get it to work properly…just go with 2.25 I/C piping and the JRC frount mount…and some DSM 450’s and something like uberdata to tune with. that should set u up pretty cheaply to start with…and HKS makes a manifold for B-series and utilizes a T25 flange so check that out, u will however have to keep the internal wastegate with that manifold.

whats wrong with the flexpipe and intercooler??

dsm intercoolers are small and look gay and fit weird, u will never fit it in the front or the fender. DA’s have a hard time being turbo because of the lack of room in the engine compared to an EG or EK or DC. Flexpipe is for losers. U will like solid piping more.

The intercooler won’t fit in the bumper because it is a sidemount and not a front mount. Around $75 to $100 is a decent price for a 14b in good shape.

Those have t25 turbo and the sidemount are also tiny! If he would sell both for like 75 then that would be a deal.

Good point! I didn’t realize that it was a 2g eclipse. I wouldn’t pay anything at all for a T25,and a SMIC isn’t very useful at all.